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Intervale Food Hub Fall/Winter Season

How Does It Work?

1. Sign Up for the Season

Sign up online for the season. Choose your delivery location, subscription options, and payment plan. 

2. We Pack and Deliver

We'll pack up your basket and deliver it every week.

3. Pick Up and Enjoy!

Pick up your food and make amazing meals with our simple recipes and cooking tips.


Choose Your Subscription Options

Our farmers and food makers use safe, sustainable, and ethical practices to produce food that's good for you, good for Vermont, and good for the planet.

Vermont Vegetable  •  Omnivore Package    Localvore Package

Organic Bread    Pasture Raised Eggs    Cheddar Cheese 

Grass Fed Beef    Pasture Raised Sausage    Pasture Raised Chicken

Tortillas & Beans    Bean Burgers    Wild Alaskan Salmon    Wild Alaskan Fish

Intervale Food Hub Delivery Truck

Choose Your Delivery Location

We are proud to partner with local businesses, institutions, and community centers to bring you the best local food available! Your order will be delivered every week to your chosen location, in a basket labeled with your name and subscription.

Plus, we now offer free home delivery to ALL of Burlington! 


Make Amazing Meals

Every week, we share recipes, cooking tips, and unique meal plans on our e-mail newsletter and on our blog. You'll learn new cooking skills and enjoy simple, delicious meals. 

To find weekly recipe collections and our meal plans, take a look at the newsletters published on our blog!


Support Vermont Farms & Businesses

When you join the Intervale Food Hub, you support the amazing people at more than 30 Vermont farms and businesses! Our community of farmers and food makers are at the heart of everything we do.

You'll love trying a variety of food from farmers, bakers, creameries, beekeepers, fishermen, and other local businesses -- and getting to know the awesome people behind your food.


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