Spice Up Your Spring Semester!

Calling all students, faculty, and staff at UVM, Saint Michael's College, and Champlain College! 

Order your subscription for College Spring 2016 before 1/1/16, and you will be entered to win a World Herb Blends Kit from Teeny Tiny Spice Company!

Herbs and spices can transform a meal - but knowing where to begin in the spice aisle can be daunting. That's why we love Teeny Tiny Spice Company's spice blends - their high quality mixes make it easy to add bold flavor to our cooking. This kit features some of our favorite seasonings, each hand crafted with certified organic herbs and spices by the Pomicter family.

The kit includes three flavors:
Za'atar: Flavor of the Middle East.
Shepherd Herb Mix: Flavor of the Mediterranean
Montreal Seasoning: Flavor of Quebec (and the best bagels ever at Meyer's!)

Thank you so much to the Teeny Tiny Spice Company for supporting the Intervale Food Hub!