College Fall Season - Week #10

In Our Baskets This Week... 

*Certified Organic  |  Meet Our Producers


  • Red kuri or sunshine kabocha winter squash* | Hazendale Farm | Greensboro, VT
  • Leeks* | Hazendale Farm | Greensboro, VT
  • Gold potatoes* | Valley Dream Farm | Cambridge, VT
  • Spigariello* | Diggers Mirth Collective Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Mushrooms* | Mousam Valley Mushrooms/AH Mushrooms | Colchester, VT
  • Romaine lettuce* | Miskells Premium Organics | Charlotte, VT 


Includes Vermont Vegetables listed above, plus...

  • Pasture Raised Chorizo sausage | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Chevre* | Does Leap Farm | Bakersfield, VT
  • Sauerkraut* | Blackwell Roots Farm | Cabot, VT


  • Bread: Seeded Baguette | Red Hen Baking Co. | Middlesex, VT
  • Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs | Betseyfield Farm | Burlington, VT


  • Pasture Raised Chicken | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT

  • Pasture Raised Sausage – Andouille & Sweet Italian | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT

  • Grass Fed Ground Beef | Health Hero Farm, South Hero, VT | Maple Wind Farm, Huntington, VT

  • Tortillas & Beans * | All Souls Tortilleria - Warren, VT | VT Bean Crafters - Waitsfield, VT

  • Bean Burgers – Black Bean & Maple Chipotle * | VT Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT

  • Wild Salmon | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT

  • Wild Fish – Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon & Rockfish | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT

Recipes and Cooking Tips

Quick Tips: 

  • Eat This First: Romaine Lettuce, Spigariello, and mushrooms

  • This week we have Spigariello, it is technically a leafy broccoli, but more so resembles a broccoli rabe(stem) with hearty kale-like leaves. One way to cook Spigariello is by removing the leaves from the stem, chopping the stem up and adding it to a pan with olive oil and garlic. Once the stems have softened, add in the chopped leaves and spice to your liking. Spigariello mixes well with meats, vegetable stirs, or pasta. Enjoy!

  • Winter squash are in and just in time for Thanksgiving or friendsgiving! Add squash as a side dish for a sweet and nutty flavor or as a filling for a pie, such as this recipe here. Squash also makes for a great thanksgiving soup.

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