Good Food Comes From Good Farmers and Food Makers!

What exactly makes our food the BEST local food available? 

As a mission-driven business, the Intervale Food Hub supports the Intervale Center's work to sustain healthy farms, land, and people. Our food comes from a community of Vermont farmers and food makers who are dedicated to using safe, sustainable practices to bring us safe, healthy, nutritious food. 

We asked our farmers and food makers to share in their own words what they believe is important in making the best food possible, and what inspires them. 

We hope you feel inspired, too!


Bill Suhr

Champlain Orchards provides apples, pears, apple cider, and apple pies for Thanksgiving to the Intervale Food Hub. Fruit is Eco Apple Certified. We include their products in our Vermont Vegetable and Omnivore Package subscriptions.

"Our fruit is ecologically grown and third-party certified by the IPM institute. Eight acres of Champlain Orchards are certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. Our farm is 100% electrically solar powered, with Solar Orchard #3 in the planning stages.
We are careful stewards of our land and grow our fruit following strict Eco Apple requirements while striving to minimize our carbon footprint and sustainably contribute to our community. Our sights are set on being the model for providing wholesome and unique ecologically grown tree fruits, ciders and other products using sustainable growing practices and renewable energy."

Amir Hebib of AH Mushrooms

Amir of AH Mushrooms provides shiitake and oyster mushrooms that are grown using organic methods to the Intervale Food Hub. We include AH Mushrooms in our Vermont Vegetable and Omnivore Package subscriptions.

Self-taught in herbal bee pollen remedies and the medicinal use of mushrooms, Amir managed a large mushroom farm in Bosnia before he and his family resettled in Vermont in 1996. In Vermont, mushroom growing continues to be a passion for him. 

"I believe in small and clean production without harmful chemicals... I don't grow them for the money, but for my soul."

Vermont Bean Crafters

Vermont Bean Crafters provides certified organic, regionally grown, heirloom beans and bean burgers to the Intervale Food Hub. We feature their products in our Tortilla & Bean subscription and Bean Burger subscription.

"Bean Crafters exists to joyfully serve our community local, organic, plant-based foods in manners that are accessible, durable, and realize a triple-bottom-line (social, environmental and financial). 
We are a team who have a deep-set care and passion for quality food and the relationships, techniques, and equities antecedent to any such quality. Every time you buy something from us, you help further a vision of a food system of true cost economics and verifiable quality."