Summer Season - Week #3

In our baskets this week...
*Certified Organic

Arugula* | Digger's Mirth Collective Farm | Burlington, VT
Cucumber* | Deep Root Co-Op | Johnson, VT
Lettuce* | River Berry Farm | Fairfax, VT
Napa Cabbage* | Pitchfork Farm | Burlington, VT
Kale* | Jericho Settlers Farm | Jericho Center, VT
Strawberries** | Lewis Creek Farm | Starksboro, VT

Includes Vermont Vegetables listed above, and... 

Pasture Raised Chicken Legs | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
Whole Plain Yogurt | Butterworks Farm | Westfield, VT
Maple Syrup | Square Deal Farm | Walden, VT

Bread: Seeded Baguette* | Red Hen Baking Co. | Middlesex, VT

Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT

Pasture Raised Eggs | Betseyfield Farm | Burlington, VT


Quick Tips

  • Eat this first: Arugula, Cucumbers, Strawberries, and Lettuce
  • Arugula is a beautiful peppery green that works great raw in salads, or as a pizza topping, or stirred into pasta with lemon and cheese. You can also make it into pesto to eat fresh or store in your freezer- see the recipe below! 
  • Napa Cabbage is a versatile type of Chinese cabbage. Use this in place of any other cabbage for slaws. Try different cooking techniques, like roasting slices of cabbage or grilling wedges for a more mild, tender, sweet result. It's also great stir-fried.
  • Kale can be used in sautes, salads, smoothies, and more. Bake it and make kale chips for a fun snack!
  • Use lettuce in salads and sandwiches, and add it as a topping for homemade burrito bowls! Or, think outside the salad and use it as a wrap.

Featured Recipes