Summer Season - Week #13

In our baskets this week...
*Certified Organic


  • Mesclun* | Pitchfork Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Red and Yellow Sweet Italian Peppers*| Intervale Community Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Cucumbers* | Valley Dream Farm | Cambridge, VT
  • Sweet Corn* | River Berry Farm | Fairfax, VT
  • Tomatoes* | River Berry Farm, Intervale Community Farm, Rockville Market Farm | Fairfax, VT, Burlington, VT, Starksboro, VT
  • Basil* | Red Wagon Herbs | Hinesburg, VT
  • Scallions* | Lewis Creek Farm | Starksboro, VT


Includes Vermont Vegetables listed above, and...

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon | Starbird Fish | Starksboro, VT
  • Cultured Butter | Ploughgate Creamery | Fayston, VT
  • Chimichurri Sauce | Joe's Kitchen/Screamin' Ridge Farm | Burlington, VT


Bread, Cheddar, and Eggs

  • Bread: Cyrus Pringle* | Red Hen Baking Co. | Middlesex, VT
  • Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs | Besteyfield Farm | Burlington, VT


 Recipes and Cooking Tips

Quick Tips

  • Eat this first: Tomatoes & basil, sweet corn, and mesclun
  • Sweet corn can be enjoyed on the cob by boiling, steaming, or grilling. Try adding different herbs and spices to your butter for flavor. It's best to eat sweet corn right away for the best flavor and texture. Follow these instructions to freeze your corn.
  • Basil is awesome in various Italian dishes and pairs especially well with tomatoes! For something simple, make it into a pesto or infuse some olive oil. Whatever you do, make sure to use it all up  - check out 10 Great Ways to Use Up Fresh Basil for more ideas and storage tips.
  • Use scallions as a garnish, in soups/salads, and add it to any stir-fries. To really experience their flavor, roast or grill them whole!