Bread from Red Hen Baking Company

Red Hen Baking Company Waitsfield Common

One loaf of naturally leavened, organic bread from Red Hen Baking Company, rotating varieties

$5.00 / week

Baked fresh daily! Deliveries feature a rotation of Red Hen bread varieties, including Baguette, Ciabatta, Crossett Hill, Cyrus Pringle, Mad River Grain, Multi-Grain, Pain Au Levain, Waitsfield Common, Seeded Baguette, and Whole Wheat. 

About Our Bread 
Red Hen bread is baked and delivered fresh daily. Bakers use only organic flour, water, salt, and leavening to make their delicious hand-formed traditional breads. Red Hen Baking Company sources certified organic flour, including wheat and corn, from Vermont and Quebec. They are partnering with producers to help local farms grow and produce as much local flour as possible. Most grain and flour comes from much farther away, so we're excited by the work they're doing to support local and regional grain growers!

Click here to visit Red Hen Baking Company's website for descriptions, ingredients, and to learn more about naturally leavened bread. 

Cooking and Snacking with Bread 
An essential in every household! Different flavors and textures each week will make for delicious sandwiches, sides to soup and salad, and more. If you don't eat the whole loaf of bread before it goes stale, not to worry! You can make French toast, croutons, bread crumbs, baked egg casseroles for breakfast or baked bread pudding for dessert.