Chicken from Maple Wind Farm


Monthly delivery of one whole, pasture-raised, non-GMO-fed chicken from Maple Wind Farm

$25.00 / delivery

Each delivery will include one whole chicken, approximately 4-4.5lbs. It will be frozen, and packed in a thermal bag with ice packs to keep cold if needed. 

About Maple Wind Farm
Maple Wind Farm chickens are raised on beautiful lush pastures in Richmond and Huntington, VT. Pasture (grasses and insects) makes up the majority of their diet, which is supplemented by non-GMO grain, trace minerals, and probiotics. Chickens are processed with care on the farm at Maple Wind Farm's state-of-the-art USDA Poultry Processing Facility, and air-chilled for flavor and quality.

Since there is an ideal season (spring and summer) for pasture-raised chicken, it is frozen for us when processed to preserve the best quality and freshness, so that it can be ready for you when you want it over the course of the year. 

 Learn More: Why Pasture Raised Chicken? 

Preparing a Whole Chicken
Roasting or slow-cooking a whole chicken is a simple way to enjoy a flavorful protein source over the course of a week. You can also break down the chicken into parts to use in different recipes, and make homemade chicken stock and more.