College Fall Season - Week #12


In Our Baskets This Week... 

*Certified Organic  |  Meet Our Producers


  • Butternut squash* | Burnt Rock Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Garlic* | Burnt Rock Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Carrots* | Intervale Community Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Watermelon Radish* | River Berry Farm | Fairfax, VT
  • Kale* | Miskell's Premium Organics | Burlington, VT
  • Mesclun* | Pitchfork Farm | Burlington, VT


Includes Vermont Vegetables listed above, plus...

  • Pasture Raised Chicken legs | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Whole Plain Yogurt* | Butterworks Farm | Westfield, VT
  • Honey | BTV Honey | Burlington, VT



  • Bread: Cyrus Pringle* | Red Hen Baking Co. | Middlesex, VT

  • Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT

  • Pasture Raised Eggs | Betseyfield Farm | Burlington, VT


Recipes and Cooking Tips

Quick Tips: 

  • Eat this first: Mesclun and kale. 

  • Don't be fooled by the dull outside colors of this weeks Watermelon radish, on the inside you will see a colorful and versatile radish. Unfortunately, this root vegetable does not actually taste like a watermelon but rather resemble the color of the fruit. Instead, they are apart of the Brassica family, with a firm and crisp texture and a taste of mild peppery and sweet flavor. There are many ways to incorporate Watermelon radishes into your meals: pickled, shaved, roasted, or added to your salad. Check out the recipes page for some of our favorite ways to enjoy Watermelon radishes, enjoy!