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College Spring 2017 - Week #12

In Our Baskets This Week... 

Featured Producer: BTV Honey, Burlington, VT

BTV, or "Bee" TV Honey is a 40-year-old beekeeping operation run by Dan Goossen and Bill Mares. These multi-talented producers specialize in liquid and comb honey collected from the gardens and fields of inner Chittenden County. From the verdant valley of the Winooski River to the busy streets and alleys of Burlington, BTV bees work tirelessly gathering nectar from a host of flower varieties to make this all-natural, unprocessed, delicious and additive free honey. 


*Certified Organic  |  **Grown using organic methods, not certified  |  Meet Our Producers

College Vermont Vegetable Package

  • European Cucumber*  |  Deep Root Organic Coop|  Johnson, VT 
  • Onion*  |  Pete's Greens|  Craftsbury, VT
  • Bok Choi*  |  Miskell's Premium Organics  |  Charlotte, VT
  • Chives*  |  Red Wagon Herbs  |  Hinesburg, VT
  • Cilantro*  |  Red Wagon Herbs  |  Hinesburg, VT
  • Mushrooms**  |  AH Mushrooms  |  Colchester, VT
  • "Salanova" Lettuce  |  Miskell's Premium Organics  |  Charlotte, VT

College Omnivore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Ground Pork |  Maple Wind Farm  |  Huntington, VT
  • Whole Plain Yogurt*  |  Butterworks Farm  |  Westfield, VT
  • Frozen Raspberries*  |  Adam's Berry Farm|  Charlotte, VT

College Localvore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Ground Pork |  Maple Wind Farm  |  Huntington, VT
  • Whole Plain Yogurt*  |  Butterworks Farm  |  Westfield, VT
  • Frozen Raspberries*  |  Adam's Berry Farm|  Charlotte, VT
  • Bread: Cyrus Pringle* |  Red Hen Baking Co.  |  Middlesex, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm  |  Charlotte, VT

College Bread - Cheddar Cheese - Eggs

  • Bread: Cyrus Pringle*  |  Red Hen Baking Co.  |  Middlesex, VT

  • Cheddar Cheese  |  Shelburne Farms  |  Shelburne, VT

  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm  |  Charlotte, VT


  • Ground Beef | Health Hero Farm  |  South Hero, VT
  • Pasture Raised Chicken | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Pasture Raised Sausage | Montreal Spice & Chorizo | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Bean Burgers* | Black Bean Burgers & Maple Chipotle Burgers | Vermont Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT
  • Tortillas & Beans * | All Souls Tortilleria - Warren, VT  |  Vermont Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT
  • Wild Fish | Coho Salmon & Halibut | Starbird Fish  |  Burlington, VT
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT

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