College Spring 2017 - Week #8


Featured Producer: Butterworks Farm, Westfield, VT

Butterworks Farm is owned by Jack and Anne Lazor and their family. The 400 acre farm is located in the Northeast Kingdom. Butterworks Farms has 45 Jersey cows, who are born and raised on the farm, without hormones or antibiotics, and eat a wholesome diet of pasture grass and farm-grown grain and hay. Their 100% grass fed, certified organic milk is used to produce super-nutritious yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, heavy cream, and cheese. This week, our Omnivore and Localvore Packages include their rich, delicious yogurt! 

Jack and Anne have also been growing diverse grain and hay crops since 1977, and are well-known for their innovative approach to growing grain in Vermont's tough climate. They are grow oats, corn, wheat, barley, peas, spelt, rye, flax, sunflowers, soy beans, and dry beans in rotation, to feed both people and their cows. They also grow timothy hay, alfalfa, brome, fescue, orchard grass, and clovers to provide a rich, varied diet for their cows. 



In Our Baskets This Week... 

*Certified Organic  |  **Grown using organic methods, not certified  |  Meet Our Producers

College Vermont Vegetable

  • Sweet Potatoes*  |  Intervale Community Farm  |  Burlington, VT
  • Parsley*  |  Red Wagon Herbs  |  Fairfax, VT
  • Swiss Chard*  |  Miskell's Premium Organics  |  Charlotte, VT
  • Kale*  |  Miskell's Premium Organics  |  Charlotte, VT
  • Mushrooms**  |  AH Mushrooms|  Colchester, VT

College Omnivore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Pasture Raised Chicken Wings |  Maple Wind Farm  |  Huntington, VT
  • Whole Plain Yogurt  |  Butterworks Farm|  Westfield, VT
  • Honey  |  BTV Honey  |  Burlington, VT

College Localvore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Pasture Raised Chicken Wings |  Maple Wind Farm  |  Huntington, VT
  • Whole Plain Yogurt  |  Butterworks Farm  |  Westfield, VT
  • Honey  |  BTV Honey  |  Burlington, VT
  • Bread: Ciabatta* |  Red Hen Baking Co.  |  Middlesex, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm  |  Charlotte, VT

College Bread - Cheddar Cheese - Eggs

  • Bread: Ciabatta*  |  Red Hen Baking Co.  |  Middlesex, VT

  • Cheddar Cheese  |  Shelburne Farms  |  Shelburne, VT

  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm  |  Charlotte, VT


  • Ground Beef | Health Hero Farm  |  South Hero, VT
  • Pasture Raised Chicken | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Pasture Raised Sausage | Montreal Spice & Chorizo | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Bean Burgers* | Black Bean Burgers & Maple Chipotle Burgers | Vermont Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT
  • Tortillas & Beans * | All Souls Tortilleria - Warren, VT  |  Vermont Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT
  • Wild Fish | Coho Salmon & Rockfish | Starbird Fish  |  Burlington, VT
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT

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Eat This First: Eat those greens - Parsley, Swiss Chard & Kale!

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