Intervale Food Hub Cooking Classes - New for December!


Join us for a cooking class to learn more about cooking at home with seasonal, local ingredients from the Intervale Food Hub!


Tuesday, December 4th — 4:30pm-6:30pm
Winter Cooking Essentials (details below)
(After class, stick around to enjoy your meal, or take it to go!)

Tuesday, December 11th — 4:30pm-6:30pm
Meal Planning and Creativity Building (details below)
(After class, stick around to enjoy your meal, or take it to go!)


Nomad Coffee - South End Station
208 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT

Entrance to the building is on Flynn Ave, across the street from the new City Market.


2018 Classes are being offered at no charge to current Intervale Food Hub members. Spaces are limited to 8-10 members per class, so please RSVP to secure your place using the link below:

RSVP Here for December 4th - Winter Cooking Essentials

RSVP here for December 11th - Meal Planning and Creativity Building


Join Intervale Food Hub's Cooking Education Coordinator, Suzanne Podhaizer, for a cooking class this fall! We'll demonstrate and review helpful cooking techniques for our seasonal fruits and vegetables, and talk about ways to build your confidence and creativity in the kitchen. We'll also be able to answer any questions that you have about techniques or ingredients. We'll provide everything you need for the class, including cooking equipment and fresh, delicious local ingredients. There will be time to enjoy our meals and lots of opportunity for discussion. There will be opportunities for you to try things hands-on, though because of space and equipment limitations at this time, the class is not entirely hands-on.

December 4th - Winter Cooking Essentials

In this class, we’ll cover knife skills, kitchen vocabulary, and some cooking techniques that we think are especially helpful in winter months: braising, pan searing or sauteing, and roasting. For knife skills, we’ll cover mincing, dicing, and chopping. Our tentative menu includes garlic confit, pan seared chicken, braised cabbage, carrots and onions, and roasted squash.

December 11th - Meal Planning and Creativity Building

In this class, we’ll practice planning a meal around the basket of the week from the Intervale Food Hub. We’ll discuss techniques and ingredients you can use to build flavor, and make a meal together. More details coming soon!

Past Cooking Class Descriptions


In our September classes, we’ll prepare a beautiful roast chicken, with roasted winter squash, reduced cider and brown butter dressing, with greens and herbs. In class, we’ll cover techniques for how to break down a whole pasture-raised chicken, how to reduce cider for glazes, browning butter, and discuss tips for menu planning and building flavor with simple ingredients.


In our October class, we’ll prepare a hearty vegetable stew with a medley of fall vegetables and herbs. We’ll also review how to braise grass-fed stew beef. Both vegetarian (or vegan by request) and omnivore meals will be available. In class, we’ll cover the versatility of soups and stews, and discuss tips for menu planning building a variety of different flavors throughout the season with simple ingredients. We’ll discuss chopping, shredding, grating, pureeing – techniques for different flavors, texture, and adding variety to fall/winter vegetables. Vegetable Stock, Roasted Carrot Soup, and Borscht (Vegetable Stew) with optional Braised Beef are on the menu!

Hope to see you there!

Please contact Kendall with any questions: 802-660-0440 x112 or