Essential Kitchen Equipment


These items make cooking more enjoyable and more efficient, and will give you a broader range in the kitchen.

  • A good, sharp chef knife, 8 or 10-inch - The most important kitchen tool, hands down. If your knives are dull, every cutting task will be just a little bit harder than it needs to be

  • Honing wand - to keep your knife performing well between sharpenings

  • Large wooden cutting board


  • Pots and pans - Most Used: Soup pot, sauce pot, frying pan, and cast iron pan. We recommend stainless steel, stainless-clad aluminum, and cast iron

  • Baking Pan - a good heavy pan that won’t warp in the oven, for roasting veggies and more

  • Silicone spatulas - won’t melt, don’t scratch, and are useful for pretty much everything

  • Several pairs of heavy tongs - Useful for nearly every kitchen task, from stirring things to moving bigger pieces of food around

  • Whisk, nice and heavy - in addition to actually whisking, whisks can be used to mash veggies such as potatoes. They might actually be better at mashing than mashers!


  • Blender - We recommend an immersion blender, because they’re less expensive than a countertop blender. Blenders can be used to make smoothies, salad dressings, puréed soup, tomato sauce, and more

  • Box Grater - for cheese and for vegetables

  • Microplane grater - a tool that will last for a very long time, and can be used to grate cheese, take the zest from citrus fruits, shave nutmeg, grate up garlic and ginger, and many other things

  • Peeler - we recommend y-shaped peelers as the best when you have lots of veggies to peel. You can also use this to make veggie “noodles” or ribbons

  • Mandolin - for quick, efficient, and uniform slicing

  • Parchment paper and/or aluminum foil - this helps keep things from sticking to baking sheets, and is helpful to use on top of dishes that are slow-cooking in the oven. It’s super useful