Fall/Winter Season Week #6


In Our Baskets This Week... 

*Certified Organic  |  **Eco-Apple Certified  |  Meet Our Producers


  • Red Cabbage* | Jericho Settlers Farm | Jericho, VT
  • Beets* | Pitchfork Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Carrots* | Intervale Community Farm | Burlington, VT
  • Empire Apples** | Champlain Orchards | Shoreham, VT
  • Red Onions* | Burnt Rock Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Romaine Lettuce* | Miskell's Premium Organics | Charlotte, VT


Includes Vermont Vegetables listed above, plus...

  • Country-Style Pasture Raised Pork Ribs | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT
  • Feta* | Does' Leap Farm | Fairfield, VT
  • Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce  | Joe's Kitchen at Screamin' Ridge Farm | East Montpelier, VT: Gluten free & vegan, made with organic tomatoes from Screamin' Ridge Farm, maple syrup from Morse Farm in Montpelier, VT, organic garlic and cilantro, chipotle peppers, cider vinegar, salt, herbs, and spices.



  • Bread: Baguette* | Red Hen Baking Co. | Middlesex, VT
  • Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs | Besteyfield Farm | Burlington, VT


  • Grass Fed Ground Beef | Health Hero Farm - South Hero, VT | Maple Wind Farm - Huntington, VT: Try a simple burger, with cheese and pickled red onions or caramelized onions.
  • Pasture Raised Chicken | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT: See our link to local chef Molly Stevens' roast chicken recipe below!
  • Pasture Raised Sausage | Chorizo & Ground Pork Sausage | Maple Wind Farm | Huntington, VT: Chorizo can lend a signature flavor to any dish - think chile, egg dishes, tacos, dips, pasta dishes, seafood, paella, etc. Unflavored ground pork sausage leaves more room for your own seasonings, or for mild dishes - think soup or home made sauces.
  • Bean Burgers * | Black Bean Burgers & Maple Chipotle Burgers | Vermont Bean Crafters | Waitsfield, VT: Enjoy bean burgers like a traditional beef burger on a bun or sandwich - or try adding them to a breakfast taco or serving with a side of roasted veggies.
  • Tortillas & Beans * | All Souls Tortilleria - Warren, VT | Vermont Bean Crafters - Waitsfield, VT
  • Wild Fish | Wild Alaskan Salmon & Halibut | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT: Firm, white, and mild flavored, halibut is well-suited for just about every cooking method. Its subtle flavor should not be overpowered by strong sauces or marinades.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon | Starbird Fish | Burlington, VT

Recipes and Cooking Tips

Quick Tips: 

  • Eat this first: romaine, red cabbage, apples
  • A cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious, Empire Apples are sweet, crisp and firmer than the McIntosh, so it makes for a good cooking apple.

  • If you are just looking to make a big, easy pan of roasted veggies, liven up your recipes with - some chili-maple butter, a lemon-tahini dressing, or a honey-ginger balsamic glaze!