Featured Farm - Miskell's Premium Organics

Miskell's Premium Organics in Charlotte, Vermont

Providing Certified Organic Greens to the Intervale Food Hub

David Miskell Miskells Premium Organics

Miskell's Premium Organics is a one-half-acre organic greenhouse farm in Charlotte, owned and operated by David and Susan Miskell. David and Susan began farming in 1982 at Shelburne Farms, where they specialized in wholesale organic specialty vegetables. Later, they moved to Charlotte, where they constructed a large heated greenhouse and continued to develop their farm. After growing tomatoes for several years, Miskell's Premium Organics now focuses on early and late season kale, chard, basil, lettuce and bok choi. However, there are a few surprises growing there too - like a row of peach trees!

Enjoy delicious Swiss chard in your basket this week from Miskell's Premium Organics.

Miskells Premium Organics Greenhouse
David Miskell