Ground Beef from Maple Wind Farm and Health Hero Farm

Intervale Food Hub Grass Fed Ground Beef

Monthly delivery of 2 lbs of 100% grass fed and finished ground beef from Health Hero Farm and Maple Wind Farm

$17.00 / delivery

Each delivery will include two 1lb packages of grass fed beef, frozen, packed in a thermal bag with ice packs to keep cold.

About Our Grass Fed Ground Beef 
Maple Wind Farm and Health Hero Farm raise Angus-Devon cows using management-intensive grazing. This type of grazing means cows are moved to fresh pasture daily to ensure the best quality nutrition, while pastures are improved and grassed are regenerated. 

"100% grass fed" means grass fed and grass finished: cows are fed only grass and hay – never grains, antibiotics, or hormones. Our grass-fed ground beef is lean, nutritious, and flavorful, and a favorite kitchen staple for our members. Learn More: Why Grass Fed Beef? 

Cooking with Ground Beef
Enjoy lean and flavorful ground beef as the beginning for a great burger, meat sauce, or taco night! This is one of our member favorites, because it's so simple to prepare, and always a great crowd-pleaser.