Intervale Food Hub Internships




We are currently looking to fill our summer 2019 internships. Please note that interns are expected to fulfill all of their hours, be timely, and work hard to improve the food system with our staff!

Founded in 2008, the Intervale Food Hub is a social enterprise of the Intervale Center. The Intervale Food Hub offers a direct-to-consumer year-round market, with community drop-off locations in the Burlington area, serving individuals and families, including local college students. Through the hub, we are bringing better food to more people, meeting the needs of local producers, respecting the planet, and building food system resilience. In addition, the Intervale Food Hub has recently initiated wholesale services as an approved vendor to Sodexo at the University of Vermont. Working with nearly 40 Vermont producers using organic, humane and sustainable production methods, the business maintains a commitment to transparency and traceability.

  • Position: Intervale Food Hub Intern

  • Reports to: Assigned IFH staff member

  • Status: Unpaid intern, part-time, 10-12 hours/week

  • Position Length: June 3 through August 16, 2019

  • Position Hours: Monday 8am-1pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 8am-1pm. Flexibility is required.

  • Number of positions hired: 4

Internship Description

This 12 week internship will begin with a one week orientation in which all interns will be briefed on general protocol, from cleanliness standards to brand language, as well as typical weekly schedules of the Food Hub, from packing and delivery to customer service and communication. Interns will then choose a field of concentration in the Food Hub, whether it be recipe creation, route logistics, or crop planning. Interns will shadow and work with the related staff member throughout the entire summer to choose appropriate tasks and design a capstone project around their area of interest.

Interns will also gain a comprehensive knowledge of the business through the majority of their hours, with the remainder of their summer being broken into two five-week sessions. Session A will focus on the Operations aspect of the Food Hub, with packing, purchasing, and inventory management at its core. Session B will focus on the Marketing & Communications aspect of the Food Hub, with content creation and member services as its core. Interns will be split into two groups, one of which will start with Operations, reporting to the Operations Coordinator, the other of which will start in Marketing & Communications, reporting to the Sales & Marketing Manager. Groups will switch focus after 5 weeks and leave the Food Hub with a comprehensive understanding of how our small business functions. “Why” questions are highly encouraged!


Session A: Operations

  • Packing: Interns will help our operations team pack the baskets with fresh local food each week, gaining an understanding of produce quality management and logistics.

  • Route Management: Interns will ride along for delivery to learn about route planning and gain hands-on experience in the boots-on-the-ground aspect of our business.

  • Purchasing and Farmer Relations: Interns will have the opportunity to create their own mock-up crop plan, learning to balance budgets while maintaining our standard of highest-quality food. Interns will also learn about the B2B side of our operation, meeting with farmers to resolve issues and plan orders.


Session B: Marketing & Communications

  • Outreach & Member Services: Interns will engage in traditional outreach techniques, ranging from tabling to canvassing to phone surveys, to learn how to best represent the Food Hub in our community. Interns will also learn about member management through shadowing and analyze survey data to understand the Food Hub’s customer segments.

  • Content Creation: Interns will create and cook weekly recipes using food from our baskets, as well as film and edit cooking instructional videos to be circulated on our digital media platforms. Interns will also have the chance to create videos and/or podcasts relating to food and/or farming.



  • Passion and knowledge of fresh, local food

  • Self-motivated, personable, and able to work both independently and as a team

  • Strong organization, communication, and time management skills

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Positive attitude and perseverance under pressure

  • Any relevant experience in the aforementioned description should be included in cover letter


Please send a cover letter, current resume, and three references to by April 15, 2019. Questions? Call 802-660-0440 x 111


  • Is this internship paid? Interns are currently only able to be compensated with college credit. Interns are given a 20% discount on a Food Hub share of their choosing, and can also use their hours towards a working member discount at City Market.

  • Do I have to go to a specific college? Nope! Folks from all over are encouraged to apply to the Food Hub internships. Although this internship is geared towards college students, you do not have to be currently enrolled in a university to apply.

  • Is housing provided? Housing is not provided by the Intervale Food Hub. If you are searching for temporary summer housing in Burlington, Craigslist is your best bet, as many students sublet their rooms during the summer season.

  • Do I need a car? No, but you do need reliable transportation. Whether that’s your own two feet, a bike, carpooling, the bus, or a vehicle, you are expected to arrive at the Food Hub on time to start your shift.

  • Do I need to fill all of the hours? Interns are expected to stick with their schedule throughout the summer and fulfill all of their hours. If you have expected schedule conflicts, please let us know in your application, as we can be more flexible if we are forewarned.

  • Do I need to have food or farming experience? No, although any fast-paced experience in the food service or agriculture worlds are very useful and should be outlined in your application and/or resume.

  • What if I have another job/internship? That’s fine. Just make sure that you have Monday mornings free, and at least one morning free Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

  • Is the Food Hub ADA Compliant? Yes. Our Food Hub and office are handicap accessible and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

  • Who will I be spending my time with? There will be four interns throughout the summer in addition to our five staff members. To learn more about who we are, please visit our staff page.

  • I still have questions. What do I do now? Call us at 802-660-0440 x 111 from 8-4 M-F, or email We want to hear from you!