New & Improved Cooking Education Program with Suzanne Podhaizer!

Summer strawberries in Vermont, photographed by Suzanne Podhaizer

Summer strawberries in Vermont, photographed by Suzanne Podhaizer

We’re very excited to introduce our new-and-improved cooking education program with Suzanne Podhaizer!

Many people we’ve talked to say that it’s helpful to have recipes, cooking tips, and meal planning suggestions each week. We agree!

For the upcoming Summer season, all of the resources below will be included in your subscription, and will help you make the most of your weekly delivery.


Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Podhaizer is a chef, food writer, cooking educator, and erstwhile goose farmer. After playing a wide variety of roles in the Vermont food system, Suzanne came to the conclusion that there’s a missing link: we encourage people to purchase from area farms, but there’s not much support for people who need help learning to store and prepare seasonal, local ingredients. As the Cooking Education Coordinator for the Intervale Food Hub, Suzanne will be creating resources — menu plans, recipes, how-to videos, and more — that will help you feel more creative, confident, and empowered in the kitchen.


Recipes and Meal Plans

Each week, our team will create recipes that will use up nearly everything in your delivery. We focus on recipes that use a mix of the week’s vegetables, from simple salads and slaws to inventive entrées, and everything in between.


Cooking Basics

Each week, we’ll pull out a handful of cooking “basics,” and illustrate them with process photos and detailed descriptions. What are “basics?” These are the important techniques that you’ll use over and over again: for instance, making homemade vinaigrette, caramelizing onions, whipping up homemade pasta, and properly using your knife


Product Guide

This guide will include helpful information about individual ingredients. Want to know how to store mushrooms? Curious about the best flavor pairings for fennel? Interested in which foods are the best source of calcium? You’ll find all the details, here. We’ll build up the guide to include all of the ingredients featured in the Intervale Food Hub as the season continues, and you’ll always be able to check back.


Cooking Support

Have a dinner party coming up? Is one vegetable piling up in your fridge? Want a new way to make kale? Send an email to, and Suzanne will help you out!