Localvore Package from the Intervale Food Hub



The Localvore Package includes all the favorites in one easy package: your choice of Vermont Vegetable Package + the meat, dairy, and specialty products from the Omnivore Package + one half-dozen eggs + one loaf of bread each week.

  • Localvore Package - Starter — $61.50/week (formerly called the "Single Size")

  • Localvore Package - Variety — $69.50/week (formerly the regular/standard size)

  • Localvore Package - Value — $74.50/week (new for summer 2018!)

The difference in each package above reflects the 3 different Vermont Vegetable Packages. The Localvore Package ingredients that we add will be the same for all three sizes! Learn more about our Vermont Vegetable Packages and which is the best option for you >

Vermont Meat and Wild Alaskan Fish includes approximately 1 pound per week of...

  • grass-fed beef (ground beef, steaks, kabobs, etc.) from Health Hero Farm and Maple Wind Farm

  • pasture-raised pork (sausage, pork chops, bacon, etc.) from Maple Wind Farm

  • pasture-raised chicken (legs, thighs, or boneless breast) from Maple Wind Farm

  • wild Alaskan fish (salmon or cod) from Starbird Fish.

  • If you have a dietary restriction and would like to swap out any of the proteins listed, please let us know.

Vermont Dairy includes... 

  • Raw cows' milk cheese from Mount Mansfield Creamery

  • Shelburne Farms cheddar cheese

  • Does' Leap organic feta and chèvre goat cheese

  • Butterworks Farm organic grass-fed yogurt

  • Ploughgate Creamery cultured butter

Local Specialty Ingredients include...

  • Square Deal Farm organic maple syrup

  • BTV honey

  • Organic frozen berries from Adam's Berry Farm

  • Organic sauerkraut and kimchi from Flack Family Farm

  • Pesto, broth, and other sauces from Joe's Kitchen

  • Organic heirloom tortillas from All Souls Tortilleria

  • Organic jam from The Farm Between

  • Organic heirloom beans from Vermont Bean Crafters

  • Fat Toad Farm goats milk caramel

  • and more, from our community of Vermont farmers and food makers

Bread inlcudes... 

  • one loaf of organic Red Hen Baking Company bread each week - ciabatta, Cyrus Pringle, pain au levain, Waitsfield Common, seeded baguette, Mad River Grain, and possibly other signature varieties.

Eggs include...

  • one-half-dozen pasture-raised eggs from Besteyfield Farm each week


Want to see even more detail? Check out the week-by-week outline of Intervale Food Hub packages:


Growing and Sourcing Practices

  • All of our Vermont Vegetable Packages include 90% or more certified organic vegetables, certified organic berries, and certified organic herbs.

  • The remaining 10% is sourced from farmers and food makers who use sustainable and ethical practices that we stand behind. These foods include: mushrooms from AH Mushrooms, which are grown using organic methods, though not certified; Champlain Orchards pears, apples, and plums that are Eco Apple Certified; and vegetables grown using Vermont Ecologically Grown Practices from Lewis Creek Farm.

  • When sourcing meat and dairy items, we source food that was produced using methods that are healthy for those of us who eat the food, as well as protect Vermont's land, air, and water. We source food that food that was harvested ethically and responsibly, respecting farmers, animals, and Vermont's natural resources.

    • Beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished, from heritage breed animals (Health Hero Farm is also Humane Certified)

    • Pork is non-gmo-fed and pasture raised, from heritage breeds

    • Chicken is non-gmo-fed and pasture raised

    • Does' Leap Goat Cheese is certified organic and the goats are also pasture raised

    • Cheddar Cheese is from grass fed, Humane Certified, heritage Jersey cows

    • Butterworks Farm yogurt is 100% grass fed as well as certified organic

    • Salmon and Cod are wild caught in sustainably-managed fisheries off the coast of Alaska

  • When it comes to our specialty items, we use the same priorities listed above. We look for value-added products that come from Vermont farms, aim for a certified organic product, and always stand behind the quality, flavor, and value of every product.

  • Red Hen Baking Company sources certified organic flour, including wheat and corn, from Vermont and Quebec. Most flours come from much farther away, so we're excited by the work they're doing to support local and regional small-scale organic grain growers! This has a positive impact both on our regional natural resources, as well as our local and regional economy.

  • Eggs are pasture raised and fed a diverse diet of fruit, vegetable, and grain scraps. This improves the nutrition of the eggs, and also helps to reduce food waste from farms and co-ops