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Member Loyalty Perks


We want to say a big THANK YOU to our members who come back to the Intervale Food Hub, and join us for season after season of delicious local food! We are so grateful for your support.

To show our thanks, we want to share a FREE FLATBREAD with our returning members, compliments of our friends at American Flatbread Burlington Hearth

At the start of a new season, you will receive a handy wooden bread coin. Your bread coin can be redeemed for a free dine-in flatbread of your choice, in the awesome atmosphere of American Flatbread's Burlington Hearth restaurant.

Like us at Intervale Food Hub and the Intervale Center, the folks at American Flatbread believe in the power of good food. Their chefs source fresh, local ingredients from many of the same Vermont farmers that we do at the Intervale Food Hub. The mission of American Flatbread is to provide good, flavorful, nutritious food that gives both joy and health, and to share this food with others, in ways that are sustainable to all. 

Together, we're all building a strong local food system!

Once again, THANK YOU to you, our amazing members.

Best wishes,
The Intervale Food Hub team