Newsletter | Week of August 6, 2018 Week #10

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In Our Baskets This Week

*Certified Organic | Meet Our Producers

Vermont Vegetable Package

  • Zucchini & Summer Squash* | Intervale Community Farm, Burlington, and River Berry Farm, Fairfax
  • Mesclun* |  Pitchfork Farm, Burlington
  • Green Beans | Shadow Creek Farm, Fairfax | Lewis Creek Farm, Starksboro
  • Lacinato Kale* | Valley Dream Farm, Cambridge, VT
  • Cherry Tomatoes* | Jericho Settlers' Farm | River Berry Farm; Burnt Rock Farm
  • Garlic  |  Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington | Bella Farm, Monkton
  • Variety Packages: Blueberries* | Adam's Berry Farm, Charlotte

Omnivore Package

The Omnivore Package includes the Vermont Vegetable Package above, plus...

  • Grass Fed Ground Beef | Maple Wind Farm, Hunington | Health Hero Farm, South Hero
  • Cheddar Cheese | Shelburne Farms
  • Maple Vinaigrette Dressing | Joe's Kitchen at Screamin' Ridge Farm

Localvore Package

The Localvore Package includes the Omnivore Package above, plus...

  • Rustic Rolls* | Red Hen Baking Company
  • Pasture Raised Eggs |  Besteyfield Farm


Monthly Subscriptions

  • Ground Beef  |  Health Hero Farm, South Hero, VT and Maple Wind Farm, Huntington, VT
  • Pasture-Raised Chicken  |  Maple Wind Farm, Huntington, VT
  • Pasture-Raised Sausage  |  Breakfast Links & Andouille  |  Maple Wind Farm, Huntington, VT
  • Bean Burgers* | Black Bean Burgers & Falafel Burgers  |  Vermont Bean Crafters, Waitsfield, VT
  • Tortillas & Beans * | Soft White Corn Tortillas & Black Beans  |  All Souls Tortilleria, - Warren, VT and Vermont Bean Crafters, Waitsfield, VT
  • Wild Alaskan Fish  |  Coho Salmon Fillets & Ground Salmon |  Starbird Fish, Burlington, VT
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon  |  Starbird Fish, Burlington, VT

Storage & Cooking Tips

Eat This First:

  • Mesclun (a mix of baby greens) is best to eat right away. 
  • Garlic should be stored in a dry, cool place (think inside a cabinet, in a bowl) This will prevent it from sprouting!
  • Cherry tomatoes can be stored on the counter for a couple of days. If you won't eat them right away, you could saute them and freeze them to serve with pasta later (but we recommend either snacking on them or lightly sauteeing or roasting them to serve with pasta - a super quick meal)
  • Kale, green beans, and summer squash will store well in your fridge. Just make sure not to let too much moisture build up. Adding a paper towel to the plastic bag will help with that! So will eating or cooking them right away :)
  • Be sure to check out the Kale profile below for 3 ways to prepare Kale!

Featured Vegetable



A look back in time...

We thought we'd share some recipes from our Summer 2017 season with you for even more inspiration! 





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