Pasta with Sausage and Spinach

Pasta with Sausage and Spinach

This creamy, delicious pasta is the perfect fall comfort food! It's sure to warm you up and is easy and quick to make. Double our recipe and enjoy leftovers throughout the week.

Pasta with Sausage and Spinach


  • 2 pork sausages
  • Spinach
  • 1 cup pasta
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • Cheese (we used chin clip, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand)


Pasta with Sausage and Spinach
  1. Cut sausages into coins
  2. Cook sausage in a pan at medium high heat until cooked through. Add spinach and wilt down
  3. In the meantime, cook the pasta in a separate pot
  4. In a separate pan, heat up heavy cream, cheese, and the flour. The flour will act as a thickening agent so add more flour a little at a time if the sauce isn't as thick as you'd like
  5. Once sauce is thickened enough, add the sausage and spinach to the pot and allow to cook together for a couple minutes
  6. Combine the sausage and pasta and serve immediately


  • If you don't have heavy cream, try using milk and butter instead. For 1/2 cup, use 2 tbsp melted butter and slightly less than 1/2 cup milk
  • Use whatever pasta you have or like. We used shell pasta, but you could use penne, rotini, linguine, or any other type