Sausage from Maple Wind Farm

Intervale Food Hub Sausage

Monthly delivery of 2 lbs of pasture-raised, non-GMO-fed pork sausage from Maple Wind Farm

$21.00 / delivery

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Each delivery will include two 1lb packages of pasture raised sausage, frozen, packed in a thermal bag with ice packs to keep cold. Flavors include Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Andouille, Kielbasa, and Maple Breakfast sausage. 

About Our Pasture Raised Sausage 
Maple Wind Farm's heritage breed pigs are given space to "root, wallow, and cavort" in their pastures, which provides most of their diet. Pigs moved often to provide fresh pasture as needed. The rest of their diet consists of non-GMO feed, and never antibiotics or hormones.

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Cooking with Sausage 
You'll love the unbeatable flavor and quality of this pasture-raised sausage. Since it's seasoned, sausage will add tons of flavor to any dish. Sausage is great with eggs for breakfast, added to soups or stews, in stuffed squash, or served with braised cabbage and apples for dinner.