Sign Up For Summer! Enjoy Vermont's Summer Harvest


Our community of farmers and food makers are at the heart of everything we do. One of the best parts about joining the Intervale Food Hub is that every week, you're bringing home a basket of food that represents an amazing group of farmers!

Above is one of our baskets from the middle of our Summer 2016 season. We love to see those colors and flavors all coming together!

Each vegetable represents a different Vermont farmer. The blueberries are from Adam's Berry Farm in Charlotte. The tomatoes are from the Intervale Community Farm, and the fennel is from Diggers' Mirth Collective Farm - both are right down the road from us in the Intervale! The potatoes are from Valley Dream Farm in Cambridge. 

Every season, our members tell us what drives you join the Intervale Food Hub. And you tell us that you want to support Vermont farmers and food makers! Thank you so much for choosing to support Vermont farms and the Intervale Food Hub. This food is good for you, and good for Vermont!

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