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Spring 2017 - Week #14

All Souls Tortilleria


Featured Producers: All Souls Tortilleria, Warren, VT

The wonderful producers at All Souls’ tortillas use locally-grown, organic heirloom corn to craft delicious, fresh tortillas every day. They use the traditional process of stone-grinding fresh masa (corn meal dough) each production day for the best-tasting, most nutritious tortillas.

Heat the tortillas over medium-high heat in a skillet to impart a smoky, toasty flavor before using them with your favorite taco or quesadilla recipes!


In Our Baskets This Week... 

*Certified Organic  |   Meet Our Producers

Vermont Vegetable Package

  • Rhubarb*  |  The Farm Between, Jeffersonville, VT
  • Fingerling Potatoes*  |  Pete's Greens, Craftsbury, VT
  • Tatsoi* | Jericho Settlers Farm, Jericho, VT
  • Cucumber*  |  Deep Root Organic Co-op, Johnson, VT
  • Asparagus* River Berry Farm, Fairfax, VT
  • Arugula* | Pitchfork Farm, Burlington, VT

Omnivore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Grass-Fed Steak  |  Health Hero Beef, South Hero, VT
  • Cheddar Cheese |  Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
  • White Corn Tortillas*  | All Souls Tortilleria, Warren, VT

Localvore Package - Includes Vermont Vegetables, plus...

  • Grass-Fed Steak  |  Health Hero Beef, South Hero, VT
  • Cheddar Cheese |  Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
  • White Corn Tortillas*  | All Souls Tortilleria, Warren, VT
  • Bread: Ciabatta*  |  Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT
  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm, Charlotte, VT

Bread - Cheddar Cheese - Eggs

  • Bread: Ciabatta* |  Red Hen Baking Co.,Middlesex, VT

  • Cheddar Cheese  |  Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT

  • Pasture Raised Eggs  |  Besteyfield Farm, Charlotte, VT

Recipes & Cooking Tips

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Eat This First: Leafy greens (lettuce, tatsoi, and arugula) and asparagus. Tatsoi can be used in recipes that call for spinach, or try the recipes below. Asparagus should be stored in the fridge in a glass with one inch of water, and the top covered loosely with a plastic bag. Change the water if it begins to appear cloudy.

Omnivore members: There are three different cuts of steak coming to you this week--check the label to see which one you got! The steaks in this week's basket can all benefit from a quick sear in a hot pan, rather than "low and slow" cooking. In general, let steaks come to room temperature and pat dry before cooking; season both sides generously with salt and pepper. Heat a cast iron skillet or grill pan over high heat, add a tablespoon or so of canola oil, and then add the steak, reducing heat slightly if the steak appears to be cooking too quickly.

  • For Delmonico steak, sear approximately 2-3 minutes per side for medium-rare.
  • Sirloins can benefit from being marinated for 6-12 hours before cooking. Remove from marinade, pat dry, and sear approximately 3-5 minutes per side depending on thickness. Check with a meat thermometer if desired (approximately 120 degrees F for medium rare).
  • For a T-bone, sear approximately 4 minutes per side, and then transfer to a 450 degree oven and roast about 6-8 minutes for medium rare (120 degrees F on a meat thermometer).
  • Make sure to rest all steaks before cutting!

Omnivore and Localvore Package Recipes

Vermont Vegetable Recipes