Newsletter | Week of June 25, 2018



In Our Baskets This Week

*Certified Organic | Meet Our Producers

Vermont Vegetable Package

  • Cherry Tomatoes* | Jericho Settlers Farm
  • Shiitake Mushrooms* | 1000 Stones Farm
  • Strawberries* | Last Resort Farm
  • Mesclun* | Pitchfork Farm
  • Zucchini/Yellow squash* | River Berry Farm/Intervale Community Farm
  • Garlic Scapes* (variety shares only) | Burnt Rock Farm/Bella Farm

Omnivore Package

The Omnivore Package includes the Vermont Vegetable Package above, plus...

  • Chicken Breast | Maple Wind Farm
  • Forerunner, raw milk Havarti cheese | Mount Mansfield Creamery
  • Maple vinaigrette salad dressing* | Joe's Kitchen at Screamin' Ridge Farm

Localvore Package

The Localvore Package includes the Omnivore Package above, plus...

  • Ciabatta* | Red Hen Baking Company
  • Pasture Raised Eggs |  Besteyfield Farm

Weekly Subscriptions

Bread: Polenta Bread*

Red Hen Baking Co.

Cheddar Cheese

Shelburne Farms

Pasture Raised Eggs

Besteyfield Farm


Cooking & Storage Tips

  • Summer is here, and with it comes the first delivery of cherry tomatoes, and of garlic scapes. 
  • Eat those delicious strawberries first! After that, use up the mesclun. (If you get the Omnivore package it's extra easy this week, because you'll be receiving ready-made dressing to put on the greens). 
  • Next, go for the shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes should never be stored in the fridge, as it makes them mealy, so it's a good idea to use them up, especially because it will be pretty hot towards the end of the week. If you can't eat them all raw, you can roast them. Check out our roasted tomato recipe for more info. 
  • The garlic scapes and zucchini have the longest shelf life of the produce items. 
  • Need a quick meal? Make some seared zucchini, chicken breasts, and Israeli couscous, and you'll have dinner on the table in no time! 
  • Visit our "Tender Profiles" to find more cooking and storage tips! 

Have cooking ideas you want to share? Looking for recipe suggestions? Email Suzanne at cooking@intervale.org



The dishes below were created by Suzanne, our Cooking Education Coordinator. Each week, we aim to provide you with recipes that will get you excited to use the items in your basket. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! 

Tender Profiles

With our new summer season, we're adding some delicious extra content to our weekly newsletter, and our blog. For one thing, we'll be creating "Tender Profiles" for the fruits and veggies we're sending you in your weekly baskets. "What's 'Tender'?" you may ask... it's like a dating profile for produce! We'll give you each product's vital statistics, other foods that go well with it, and some storage and cooking tips. 

Weekly Shopping List

If you make all of the recipes that we recommend this week, you'll need these items. You may already have some of them in your cupboard and your fridge. They're organized roughly as you'd find them in a store. Quantities are rounded, when it's more sensible to do so. Some ingredients are used "to taste," so a quantity may not be listed.