Tender Profile | Arugula

Harvesting Arugula at Pitchfork Farm in Burlington’s Intervale

Harvesting Arugula at Pitchfork Farm in Burlington’s Intervale

Arugula, a.k.a. Eruca sativa

Who am I?

  • Plant family: Brassicaceae

  • Harvest season: Arugula is harvested from late spring through fall

  • Botanical details: Small leafy green with a peppery flavor

  • Great source of*: Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, and Magnesium

*contains more than 10% of the recommended daily allowance for these nutrients

How to care for me:

  • Wash and dry my leaves and wrap me in paper towel inside a plastic bag, I like the vegetable crisper section of the fridge.


  • With a rather prominent pepper undertones, I pair well with sweet things like strawberries, beets and pears as well as more complex flavors like tomato, pungent cheeses, and don't forget the balsamic vinegar!

  • You can find me in Mediterranean and Italian cuisines!

Fun Facts:

  • In India the leaves of arugula are not commonly used however the seeds of the plant are pressed to produce oil known as taramira that is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

  • Mention of arugula can be found in several religious texts, in 2 Kings in the Bible it is referred to as oroth and in Jewish texts such as the Mishna and Talmud that date back to the first through fifth century AD.

  • Arugula’s spicy aroma and flavor make it naturally resistant to pests.