Tender Profile | Corn

Harvesting corn at River Berry Farm in Fairfax, VT

Harvesting corn at River Berry Farm in Fairfax, VT



Botanical name/plant family: Zea mays


Important practices: Corn is considered to be a high risk for GMO crop, so we recommend purchasing organic (all plants grown using certitified organic practces are guaranteed to be non-GMO


Harvest season: For the sweetest kernels pick me in August!


Great source of: I am a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E as well as providing the necessary calories for a healthy metabolism


Storage methods: Keep corn in the husk, in the refrigerator! I will stay sweet and juicy for 2-3 days


Cooking methods: Cut raw into a salad; steam, boil or grill and eat right off the cob; or get a bit more adventurous with soups, veggie burgers, cornbread, and fritters!


World cuisines: Corn is commonly found in Mexican and Spanish food!


Pairings: Pair sweet corn with creamy soft cheeses, herbs like basil or cilantro and tomatoes for strong tastes of summer. Try matching with acidity like lime or onion, corn goes exceptionally well with fresh fish, red meat and beans!


Fun Fact:

  • An average cob of corn has 800 kernels in 16 rows, every cob of corn has an even number of rows.
  • The US is the largest maize producer in the world.
  • In the days of early settlers in North America, corn was so valuable that it was used as currency and traded for other products