Tender Profile | Leek


Botanical name/plant family: Allium ampeloprasum

Important practices: Similar to garlic, leeks are naturally pest resistant, which means they can be easier to grow without pest amendments.

Harvest season: Fall, Winter, and Spring

Great source of*: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folate (Vitamin B9), Vitamin C, Vitamin K (amazing source!!), Iron, and Manganese.

Storage methods: Fresh leeks should be stored unwashed in the fridge, loosely wrapped in plastic to conserve moisture.

Cooking methods: When people think leeks they think of creamy soups, often with bacon, potatoes, and lemon. Leeks are far more diverse than this though! “Sweat” your leeks in butter or oil and add them to pizzas, pastas, soups, stir fries and more!

World cuisines: Leeks are native to the Mediterranean/Middle East, though they are a very important part of French and British cuisine.

Pairings: Leeks pair well with rich cheeses such as chevre and gruyere, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, mustard, chives, garlic, sage, and many more!

Fun Fact:

  • Leeks have been the national symbol of Wales for nearly 700 years

  • Hippocrates, ancient greek physician and “father of medicine”, often prescribed leeks as a cure for nosebleeds