Tender Profile | Pears


Important practices: According to the Environmental Working Group, more than 50% of conventionally grown pears contained 5 or more types of pesticide residue. Buy organic!

Harvest season: Depending on the variety, pears are available late Summer through Winter.

Great source of: Flavor!

Storage methods: Pears are best stored out in the open at room temperature so display them in your favorite bowl on the counter out of the sunlight!

Cooking methods: Pears can be made into chutneys, sauteed, roasted, pickled, braised, and baked. However they are most delicious when eaten ripe right out of your hand.

World cuisines: French

Pairings: Pears are very versatile both in and out of desserts; they make wonderful tarts crisps and pies, but also pair wonderfully with some brie or stilton on a cheese plate, or sauteed alongside pork! Make your pears into chutneys and compotes as well.

Fun Facts:

  • There are around 3000 varieties of pear grown around the world.

  • Before tobacco was introduced to Europe, the leaves of pear trees were smoked instead.