Tortillas + Beans from Intervale Food Hub


Monthly deliveries of organic corn tortillas from All Souls Tortilleria + organic black beans from Vermont Bean Crafters

$9.50 / delivery

Each monthly delivery will include 8, 6" tortillas, plus one pint of cooked black beans. Tortillas from All Souls Tortilleria are made with organic corn. Grains for Hearty Heirloom tortillas are sourced from organic farms in Vermont and New York. Grains for Soft White tortillas are sourced directly from an organic family farm in Indiana.

Beans from Vermont Bean Crafters will include black beans, soldier beans, pinto beans, and possibly other varieties as well! These will be frozen, packed in a thermal bag with ice packs to keep cold.

Tortillas and black beans are naturally vegan and gluten-free.

About Our Tortillas + Beans 
All Souls tortillas are made uses the traditional nixtamal process: whole kernel corn is cooked in water with limestone, then stone-ground to unlock flavor and nutrients, and finally formed into tortillas and baked over flame. 

Vermont Bean Crafters works with small-scale, certified organic farms in Vermont, New York, and Maine. They source a variety of heirloom beans and grains from these farms. They are pre-cooked, and delivered frozen. 

Cooking with Tortillas & Beans
These tortillas and beans have quickly become staff favorites, and they're perfect for pairing with a wide range of Vermont Vegetables!

Beans can be served as a side dish, or added to soups, dips, or salads. Serve tacos or quesadillas with root vegetables and cabbage slaw, or fill with grilled or roasted vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, or fish. We also love making a large casserole with layers of tortillas, veggies, and beans! Yum!