Vermont Vegetable Packages from Intervale Food Hub

Vermont Vegetable Packages from Intervale Food Hub

A selection of seasonal organic & sustainably-grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs. We source the best food available from our community of more than 30 Vermont farmers! You'll love creating simple, healthy meals at home that focus on fresh produce. 

Single/Starter Package — $23.50 per week

  • A great fit for an individual, a college student, couples, or anyone who wants a smaller subscription
  • There will typically be 5 fruit & vegetable varieties each week (scroll down for examples)
  • Formerly called our "Single Size" Vermont Vegetable Package. We've given smaller, more manageable quantities of food, to lower the price while still providing a wide variety

Variety Package — $30.50 per week

  • This is our regular/standard size Vermont Vegetable Package, and the most popular subscription we offer
  • A great fit for couples, individuals who like to cook often, and small families
  • There will typically be 6 - 8 fruit & vegetable varieties each week (scroll down for examples)
  • This package will offer the widest variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs over the course of the season, for adventurous seasonal eaters!

Value Package New! — $36.50 per week

  • A new option for Summer 2018! This package is designed with families and multiple roommate households in mind
  • There will typically be 5 fruit & vegetable varieties in the Value Package each week (scroll down for examples)
  • This package includes larger quantities of family-friendly staples that will give you a good value, wide variety, and more servings per dollar

Growing Practices

You can feel good knowing that you're eating food that's good for you, good for Vermont, and good for the Earth. All of our Vermont Vegetable Packages include 90% or more certified organic vegetables, berries, and herbs.

The remaining 10% is sourced from farmers and food makers who use sustainable and ethical practices that we stand behind. These foods include:

  • Mushrooms from AH Mushrooms, which are grown using organic methods, though not certified;
  • Champlain Orchards pears, apples, and plums that are Eco Apple Certified;
  • Vegetables grown using Vermont Ecologically Grown Practices from Lewis Creek Farm.

Summer 2018

Fruit & Vegetable Varieties

  • Below is a list of the fresh fruit, vegetable, and herb varieties that we have planned for Summer! 
  • Items in bold show you the fruit, vegetables, and herbs that will only be featured in the Variety Package each month.

Weekly Samples

Take a look at one week in June, and one week in September, to help compare all 3 sizes of our Vermont Vegetable package.

SampleWeek Summer.png
SampleWeek Summer sept

Want to see even more detail? Check out the week-by-week outline of Intervale Food Hub packages for Summer:


College Fall 2018

The College Fall Season begins the week of September 10, 2018. All College Fall subscription options are the same as our Summer subscription options. Please refer to the September and October layouts above to see what ingredients will be featured in the overlapping weeks. College Fall deliveries in November/December will overlap with 4 weeks of our Fall/Winter Season, so please stay tuned for more details, coming out over the summer.

The "Single/Starter" Vermont Vegetable Package is a great option for students who are trying a CSA or local food subscription for the first time and want to learn how to cook. The "Value" Vermont Vegetable Package is a great option for a group of roommates who are looking for a good value and enough food to share each week.


Pricing Note: Prices above reflect the average weekly value for each package. When you sign up, your grand total will include the cost for the full season, which can be paid in full or in monthly installments. The actual value for each delivery will vary slightly from week to week, depending on what is in season and the mix of ingredients each week.


Not sure about what you've ordered in the past, or what will be the best fit for you? Feel free to contact us! You are also welcome to adjust your subscription during the season if you want more or less food. Call us at 660-0440 x112 or email us at