Newsletter | Week of July 23, 2018



In Our Baskets This Week

*Certified Organic | Meet Our Producers

Vermont Vegetable Package

  • Baby Spinach* | Diggers' Mirth Collective Farm/Burnt Rock Farm
  • Zucchini* | Intervale Community Farm/River Berry Farm
  • Blueberries* | Adam's Berry Farm
  • Tomatoes* | River Berry Farm/Intervale Community Farm
  • Basil* | Red Wagon Plants
  • Variety Package Only: Green Beans | Shadow Creek Farm

Omnivore Package

The Omnivore Package includes the Vermont Vegetable Package above, plus...

  • Pizza Dough* | Red Hen Baking Company
  • Mozzarella Cheese | Maplebrook Farm
  • Pizza Sauce | Joe's Kitchen at Screamin' Ridge Farm

Localvore Package

The Localvore Package includes the Omnivore Package above, plus...

  • Seeded Baguette* | Red Hen Baking Company
  • Pasture Raised Eggs |  Besteyfield Farm

Weekly Subscriptions

Bread: Seeded Baguette*

Red Hen Baking Co.

Cheddar Cheese

Shelburne Farms

Pasture Raised Eggs

Besteyfield Farm


Cooking & Storage Tips

  • If you get the Omnivore or Localvore package, nearly everything you will receive this week can be used to top (or fill) the pizza dough from Red Hen Baking Co. If not, you can always snap up some frozen pizza dough at the store, or make your own!
  • The basil is the most delicate of all the items in the basket. The best way to store basil is by trimming the ends of the stems, and putting the bunch in a glass of water on the counter. Cover loosely with plastic, and the basil will last longer than it would have in the fridge!
  • Baby spinach should be eaten promptly, too. It can be wilted and used in a quiche or as an omelette topping, or made into a green salad. 
  • Next, eat up the blueberries. (That shouldn't be too hard!) You can throw the berries onto yogurt, into a bowl of cereal, bake them into a crisp or a pie, or freeze them for later. 
  • Tomatoes should be used whenever they hit peak ripeness, at which point they should be bright red, and will no longer be hard to the touch. 
  • Finally, you've got the summer squash: the workhorse of the garden. Grill 'em, sauté em, roast em.
  • Have cooking ideas you want to share? Looking for recipe suggestions? Email Suzanne at


The dishes below were created by Suzanne, our Cooking Education Coordinator. Each week, we aim to provide you with recipes that will get you excited to use the items in your basket. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! 

Shopping List

If you make all of the recipes that we recommend this week, you'll need these items, in addition to the items you'll receive in your basket. You may already have some of them in your cupboard and your fridge. They're organized roughly as you'd find them in a store. Quantities are rounded, when it's more sensible to do so. Some ingredients are used "to taste," so a quantity may not be listed. 

  • Produce
    • shallot
    • any herbs you want on your pizza/stromboli
    • 2 lemons
  • Bulk/Dry Goods
    • salt
    • pepper
    • pickling spices
    • cornmeal
  • Bottled Items/Condiments
    • sunflower oil and/or olive oil
    • white wine vinegar
  • Refrigerated Goods
    • 1 tub ricotta
    • 3 packages cream cheese
    • a stick of dry-cured salami, some prosciutto, or another cured meat you prefer
  • Items from our Localvore Basket or our add-on subscriptions (if you don't get those subscriptions, you should add these to your shopping list)
    • pizza dough
    • tomato sauce
    • fresh mozzarella
    • cheddar cheese
    • eggs

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