Summer Season is Full
May 25, 2020

As of 5/25/2020, we are no longer accepting registrations for the Summer 2020 season. Thank you to all who have joined! We are maintaining a waiting list and will re-evaluate our capacity in July to see if we are able to accept more members. 

At Capacity
April 9, 2020

As of 4/9/2020, we are no longer accepting new members.

The Intervale Food Hub team, along with executive staff at the Intervale Center, has come to the decision to cease accepting new members, effective immediately.

We have been awed by the response from our community under Governor Scott’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. Since a state of emergency was declared on March 13, our weekly orders have increased at a staggering rate, to the point where we are sourcing, packing, and delivering four times the amount of orders per week that we were handling less than a month ago.

Our operation has seen its fair share of logistical challenges, but we have never encountered one like this, with so many new members and at such a lean time of year. While spring is certainly here, we are still months from the bounty that late summer and autumn brings. We have been working at a sprint to bring in local produce from our state’s incredible farmers and have been inspired and invigorated by the diverse produce already being harvested. We have always trusted our farming partners to provide us with the highest quality local food and this year, despite its immense challenges, has been no exception.

The tagline of the Intervale Food Hub is “the best local food, delivered.” It’s not just a motto; it is a promise to our members that we strive to keep every week of the year. And we feel that we have simply reached our capacity to do just that: deliver the very best local food to our members. We are incredibly grateful for our Food Hub community and want to continue to provide the highest level of service to our current membership with our existing infrastructure.

The Intervale Center, our parent organization, is located in a parcel of land along the Winooski river that has a long agricultural history dating back thousands of years. The building that the Food Hub operates out of was a fully functional dairy barn from the late 1800s to the 1980s, converted to its current state nine years ago. We feel lucky to be able to continue the essential practice of feeding our community from inside that barn. It is mighty – and small, just the right size for our current membership level, one that we can sustain while keeping our staff at a safe six-foot distance from one another.

We’ve looked at this thing from all sides and have come to the difficult conclusion that we’re just not able to provide service for more people at this time. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be closed to new members forever. Though we aren't currently accepting new members, we are excited to welcome sign-ups for our 2020 Summer season from now until it begins on June 1st, 2020. We hope that this pandemic’s effects on national food systems have motivated you to strengthen your support of Vermont’s resilient agricultural community, whether through a farmers’ market, a CSA, or our Food Hub. If you would like to show your commitment to our state’s incredible agriculture community, contact us today to secure membership in our twenty-two week Summer season, running from June through October. We can’t wait until we can welcome new members again. Until then, be safe, stay home, and buy local!


The Intervale Food Hub

Updated Delivery and Pick-Up Protocol
March 23, 2020

Contactless Home Delivery Protocol
First, what's contactless home delivery? Simply put, this means our driver doesn't touch anything besides the delivery vehicle and its contents. (No doorknobs, gates, key pads, etc.) This is to ensure that the driver does not become a vector for the transmission of COVID-19 by touching any surface of unknown sanitation. Our vehicle is sanitized thoroughly before and after each route, and our orders are packed in a sanitary environment. Drivers wear masks and disposable gloves on delivery to prevent any potential spread of illness.

In order to keep our entire team safe, healthy, and able to provide you with weekly deliveries, we ask that you please do the following:
  1. If you see our driver/truck approaching, please stay inside. Do not meet the driver at the door. (If you'd like, say hi with a wave or a thumbs up from a closed window!)
  2. Our driver will leave the brown paper bag containing your food outside of your home on your doorstep, porch, etc. We are no longer putting orders inside bins or coolers in order to eliminate any potential spread of COVID-19 through public surfaces. You can notify us of a good place to leave your order by updating your driver notes in account preferences. 
  3. Once our driver is safely inside their vehicle, please collect your order and store, refrigerate, or freeze the contents immediately. 
  4. Orders are packed with sanitized ice packs. Please do not leave ice packs outside for collection, as we are currently unable to collect and clean any reusable packaging, due to other essential sanitizing practices. Please keep your ice pack until further notice; do not dispose of them.
  5. Brown paper bags can be recycled, reused, or composted. Compostable bag liners can be composted in a composting facility (we do not recommend adding them to back-yard compost); please do not put them in the garbage. 
Please let us know if you have any questions. If you would like a rough window for your delivery time, please reply back to this email so we can estimate your delivery window. We are looking into more accurate ways of notifying you about the arrival of your delivery and will update you with any progress made.

Intervale Center Pick-Up Protocol
In order to keep our entire team safe, healthy, and able to provide you with weekly orders, we ask that you please do the following:
  1. Please pick up your order between 10am and 6pm on Wednesday. If you arrive outside of these hours, you will be unable to collect your order until the following week's pick-up. 
  2. Please wait in your vehicle until the Community Barn is empty or nearly so. With current membership levels and pick-up hours, this is possible and should be easy to do. 
  3. If you need to enter the Community Barn while others are inside, please keep at least 12 feet distance from them. This is a simple precaution that can help keep everyone safe.
  4. We highly recommend wearing a mask and gloves when picking up your order. This can help keep the community safe by reducing the spread of germs, as you may be asymptomatic or presymptomatic with COVID-19 and unknowingly endangering your community. Consider your fellow Food Hub member and play it safe. 
  5. Upon entering the Community Barn, hand sanitizer is available and recommended to use. 
  6. Orders are alphabetized by last name. Each table will have a piece of paper with the letter range of last names of orders. (For example, A-G, H-M, etc.) Only go to the table with the first letter of your last name, and look carefully to ensure that the order is yours before touching the bag Some orders may have multiple bags, and will be labeled clearly; please take all of the bags that make up your order. Please do not touch any bags that aren't labeled with your name. Please quickly collect your bag(s).
  7. Once you have your order, promptly exit the Community Barn and return to your vehicle. Please do not linger in the building for any reason after you have collected your order.
  8. If you run into any issues with collecting your order, or can't find your order, please return to your vehicle and call the Intervale Food Hub at 802-660-0440. Dial 130 from the directory to contact the Food Hub pack house. 

This delivery truck is empty!