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You can eat well and feel great knowing that your food comes from Vermonters who use ethical, safe, organic, and sustainable practices.

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Support Vermont Farms & Businesses

When you join the Intervale Food Hub, you will help support a large community of Vermont farmers and food makers.

We partner with more than 30 Vermont farms and businesses, to offer friends and neighbors in Burlington a wide variety of local ingredients.

You'll love getting to know the amazing people behind your food! 



Sign Up for the Season! Fall/Winter 2017

Place your order today! Deliveries for the Fall/Winter season run the weeks of October 30, 2017 — February 26, 2017. That's 17 weeks of deliveries with one week off for Christmas/New Year Holidays.


Home Delivery Details

  • HOME DELIVERY - South End (South of Maple Street)- Delivered Tuesdays between 4-7pm
  • HOME DELIVERY - ONE & Central City (Including Maple Street and north into the ONE)- Delivered Wednesdays between 4-7pm
  • HOME DELIVERY - New North End - (North of BHS) Delivered Thursdays between 4-7pm

Your order will include a $20 deposit for your reusable packaging: a sturdy tote and reusable cooler bags to keep your food safe & secure. This is a one-time-only deposit, which can be rolled over for future seasons (we hope you'll stick around!).  We don't want this to be a barrier for anyone - please contact us with questions, or if you feel that you don't need a tote.


Payment Options

  • Payment Options: Pay in full, or set up monthly installments, when you order online.
  • We accept credit, debit, checks, and EBT/3Squares payments. Contact us for questions about payment in cash or alternative payment schedules.

Home Delivery Policies

Getting Set Up at Your Home

  • As an Intervale Food Hub home delivery member, you have paid a $20 deposit for one sturdy green delivery tote to receive deliveries. This tote will be delivered the first week that your subscription begins. 
  • Where does the tote go? Please store your tote in the same easily accessible location each week on your delivery day. Ideally, the tote will be located on the ground floor, visible to the driver, and located in a semi-sheltered location to protect the tote.
  • Please let us know where to deliver your tote, and share any special instructions. Note: If you live behind a keyed entry door, or up stairwells or elevators, such as an apartment building or a multi-family home, please be sure to let us know so that we can follow up with you.
  • Going on vacation or going out of town? Contact us to schedule an alternate pick up! We are happy to make schedule changes as needed.

Weekly Delivery

  • You do not need to be home to receive your delivery, but we assume that you will be able to collect your food and store it inside your residence ASAP. We guarantee your food for 3 hours after delivery. We do not recommend leaving your food for longer than 3 hours, or out overnight.
  • Your weekly delivery will take place between 4 - 7 pm on your delivery day. You can count on a consistent delivery window each week.
  • Your food will be delivered weekly in insulated silver bags, which we place inside the green tote.
  • Please leave empty insulated bags and ice packs in your tote for our delivery driver to pick up the following week. We reuse these to minimize waste and keep costs down.
  • Our delivery driver reserves the right to not deliver if your tote is not in its normal place, or if it is not accessible due to snow or ice build up, debris, dirt, damages, etc. In the event we are unable to deliver your food, we will bring it back to the Intervale Food Hub, and we will contact you to schedule an alternate pick up.

Tote Deposits, Refunds, and Fees

  • If your tote is lost or damaged at any time during your membership, you will be billed an additional $20 for a replacement tote.
  • Your one-time $20 deposit rolls over for future seasons. We will give you a discount code to use for future seasons. At the end of the season, if you do not continue your membership, you can return your tote to the Intervale Food Hub for a $10 refund. Totes must be returned in good working condition according to Intervale Food Hub staff in order to receive a refund.
  • Insulated Bags: In the event that you do not return a significant amount of your silver insulated bags, we may charge your for their replacement. Large bags are $5 each to replace, and small bags are $2 each to replace.