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Our Winter season starts October 28th, 2019 and runs until the end of May 2020. That means 28 weeks of delivery, as we do not deliver the week of Thanksgiving or the last two weeks of December. However, you can join our Food Hub at any point in the season - whatever works best for you! Our Summer season runs the remainder of the year (June - October) for 22 weeks of delivery.

The USDA recommends 3 vegetable servings daily for one person, or 21 vegetable servings weekly - more for active individuals. Our produce is valued at about $1 per serving, which may vary slightly throughout the season by a few cents. Therefore…

  • The Vermont Vegetable Single/Starter Package is recommended for one person who cooks regularly, or two people who cook about half as often. It offers an average of 23 servings of vegetables per week.

  • The Vermont Vegetable Variety Package is recommended for one person who cooks all of their meals, or two people who cook regularly. It offers an average of 30 servings of vegetables per week.

  • Our Vermont Vegetable Value Package is recommended for two people who cook all of their meals, or a household who cook regularly. It offers an average of 40 or more servings on average per week.

You can always change the size of your subscription if needed. Just let us know - we are here to help you find the right fit! We also provide a weekly newsletter with cooking tips and recipes to support you as you try new foods.

Yes, as long as the new location is within our delivery area. Simply notify us of the change via email or phone call with at least one week's notice. Please note that we currently only offer home delivery within Burlington's city limits (zip codes 05401, 05402, and 05408). Community/Workplace pick-up locations are around the greater Chittenden County area. 

Absolutely! If you feel that you need to change your subscription for one that's larger or smaller during the season, please let us know and we'll help you find the right fit. Or, you may be interested in adding some eggs, bread, cheese, meat, etc to receive each week with your regular delivery. If you've paid in full, please contact us to make changes to your order. Please note that all orders with total values less than $25/week will be charged a $10 delivery fee.
We hope that you try to change your subscription to find a better fit before canceling, to honor the commitment that you made to our farmers and food makers. We have a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations may be requested in your account, via email, or via phone, and will go into effect after two (2) delivery cycles are completed. In the event of canceling your subscription, we will offer a full refund for the remaining balance due for the season, with a minimum administrative cancellation fee of $25. Credit is available as a refund or for use in the online shop.
All deliveries over $25 automatically qualify for free delivery. For orders less than $25, a $10 delivery charge will be added to your order. Orders picked up at the Intervale Food Hub do not need to meet a minimum - simply select our hub as your pick-up location and collect your local food on Wednesdays from 12pm - 6pm.
Our checkout process is unique in that there is no checkout button. Items placed in your cart will be automatically finalized at the cut off time of 2pm the Monday before your delivery day and will arrive on your scheduled delivery day. Orders that do not meet the delivery criteria will be automatically cancelled after the cutoff time. (For delivery criteria, see "Do you offer free delivery")
To remove recurring items and subscriptions, click the "x" next to the item you wish to delete in the recurring items page of your account. As long as this is done by the cut off time for your order, it will remove the item from all upcoming orders. If changes are made after the cut off time for your next order, the changes will go into effect with the following week's order.
While we strive to choose packaging-free food from our farmer partners, it is not always possible. As a food hub, we do have the distinct opportunity to connect you to your farmers. We can collect clean egg cartons for reuse. Please reuse your compostable bags to collect food scraps, which can be dropped off at CSWD or picked up by Earthgirl or No Waste. If you do not compost, we can collect the bags - but contact us if you'd like to learn more about composting!

Unfortunately, we cannot collect other packaging, including pint containers and used film plastic bags.We recommend that you reuse film plastic bags, like the ones that hold your lettuce mix, as trash can liners or as water-tight containers for food, toiletries, etc. They can also be recycled at City Market.
While CSAs are an excellent option for many people, the Intervale Food Hub offers the variety, flexibility, and convenience that could benefit your lifestyle. In fact, many of our members also participate in CSAs throughout the year. CSAs typically offer weekly pick-ups of the produce grown on their farm, and require upfront payment. While we offer a discount for payment-in-full, you can choose to pay every week, and only have to pay for the deliveries that you receive. We also work with over 40 farmer partners to offer as diverse a selection of local food as possible and the produce you love for as long as we possibly can, thanks to Vermont's variegated growing climates. And, most importantly, we come to you to make it easy to support our farmers. 
Yes! We are thrilled to be able to offer gift certificates to our Food Hub. Anyone - member or not - can purchase a gift card simply by visiting this page. You can choose any amount to give, and recipients do not have to be members to redeem the card. However, if they live out of our delivery area, their products must be picked up at our Food Hub on Wednesdays from 12-6pm. Gift certificate codes will automatically be emailed to the recipient, so if you'd like to keep it a secret, please enter your email in the Purchaser and Recipient fields, and simply send them the code when it is most convenient. We can also print and mail a gift card at no additional cost, or email you a nice lookin' card to print or share digitally. 


Home Delivery

We currently offer home deliveries to all residences in Burlington, Vermont. This includes houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, dormitories, and co-operative living situations. If you are interested in receiving a share but do not live in Burlington, you can pick up at one of our community/workplace locations around Chittenden County.
We provide reusable packaging to make sure your food is safe. On your first delivery, you'll receive a sturdy green plastic bin which will house your order and remain at your home for the season. We ask that you keep it on the first floor of your building in a covered place that is visible from the road - this helps our drivers spot your home and stay on schedule!

We pack your food with in silver thermal bags, which we place in the green bins on delivery; items that require extra care will be packed with an ice pack. While most members choose to simply use their green bins, you may also leave an iced cooler outside, and we can easily transfer the items in your box into your cooler. If you ever experience issues with your food quality, simply contact us for a credit to your account.
Nope! Our driver will simply leave your cooler bag of food in the green bin at your home for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. 
No matter what style of home you live in, your green bin should be left on the ground floor of your building. The best location is one that is both sheltered and visible to the delivery driver to help us get you the highest quality food that we can. If you live in an apartment building, you must include your door code in the delivery notes and leave your bin in the lobby. Please note that we only deliver bags to the ground floor of residences. 


Community & Workplace Delivery

Your food will be delivered in a basket with your name on it. Please leave the basket and take your food home in your own bag. We provide each new customer with a reusable cotton tote bag to make this easier for you! 
Please do! This ensures that your food will stay fresh and safe to eat. Just make sure you return them the following week by leaving them in your empty basket.

We understand that life doesn't always go according to plan, so we offer all members a once-per-season replacement basket of produce in the event that you miss a pick-up. Replacement baskets must be picked up at the Intervale Food Hub between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday, within a week of your original delivery day. If you'd prefer, we can also deliver a doubled basket to your regular location the following week.

Note that replacements might not be the same as your original order, as we can only use what we have available in our inventory, and will not contain meat, fish, or eggs. After you have used your one replacement, we cannot offer credit for subsequent missed pick-ups. The forgotten order is donated at the discretion of our site champions so that it does not go to waste.

Yes! Just remind them that they need to bring their own bag and look for the basket with your name on it. Orders look very similar and it's important that they only take yours.
If you find yourself unable to retrieve your basket at your pick-up location the day of delivery, we highly recommend calling the location immediately. Once we deliver baskets, the ownership of the basket transfers to you (the customer). We also do not return to the pick-up location until the following week and are unable to collect forgotten baskets. If you arrive at a pick-up location after it's closed, or can't be there until the next day, you must notify the location directly. We give full discretion to our site contacts in deciding what to do with any forgotten baskets. If they have cooler space, they may be able to leave the basket in refrigeration until you can retrieve it, but most places do not have sufficient cooler space. Thus, we recommend that site leads bring any uncollected baskets home to prevent food waste. Other locations may dispose of the baskets. Therefore, it is in your best interest to contact the location directly and as soon as you know that you won't be able to pick up your basket. We can offer a once-per-season complimentary replacement basket - please refer to the FAQ section on forgotten baskets.


What People Are Saying

"I have been a recipient of the Intervale's Vegetable CSA share for 5 years. For the first few years I only did the Summer CSA. The program provides so much convenience that I converted to a year round'r last fall. I barely have to shop for vegetables, which is great because that is what I love the most. Every day of the year my fridge has fresh, local food in it. It makes my heart sing - it really does! I love the Intervale Food Hub!"

Michaela Q.

"Always a beautiful and delicious mix of fresh fruits and veggies."

Tara V.

"I am SO impressed with this place. They connect small organic farmers and farms with consumers offering exceptional organic veggies and other food products, delivered! Why don't more communities have this?"

Patty C.

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