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We bring fresh, nutrient-dense food right to your door, and provide a reliable and fair market for our state's farmers. Together, we can create and sustain a food system that can handle anything the future brings. 

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- Craft your custom order with ethically-sourced produce, proteins, and provisions -- all from Vermont! Save time by subscribing to our curated produce packages, full of peak-season produce.

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We care: Shop our full range of sustainable groceries sourced with care and expertise. Cutting out the middleman gives you a better value while the farmers and makers earn more, too.

We're quick: Place your order and get it the next day, with seasonal produce full of nutrients (and flavor) that won’t be depleted by weeks of travel and storage.

We're here: Whether you're a seasoned cook or just starting your local food journey, our expert team is here to help with recipe recommendations, storage tips, producer profiles, and more.

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