Where do you offer home deliveries?

We currently offer home deliveries to all locations in Burlington, Vermont. Workplace and community deliveries are offered in the greater metropolitan area.

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How is my food kept cold and out of the elements?

We provide reusable packaging to make sure your food is safe. On your first delivery, you'll receive a sturdy green plastic bin which will house your order and remain at your home for the season. We pack your food with ice packs in silver cooler bags, which we place in the green bins on delivery. This guarantees your food for 3 hours after delivery.

How long is my order guaranteed fresh?

We guarantee your food fresh for 3 hours after delivery. Food that is left out longer, especially in extreme temperatures, cannot be guaranteed safe to eat.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Nope! Your cooler bag of food will be left in the green bin at your home in the early morning (before 8am). However, you will want to bring your food inside within 3 hours after delivery or, ideally, as soon as you can.

Where should I leave my green bin?

No matter what style of home you live in, your green bin should be left on the ground floor of your building. The best location is one that is both sheltered and visible to the delivery driver to help us get you the highest quality food that we can.

What if I live in a locked apartment building, gated community, et cetera?

Simply place your green bin on the outside of the locked area. Our delivery drivers will place your food in the green bin. We are unable to deliver within locked areas, even if they are key-coded, because of our tight delivery schedule. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding this policy.