Intervale Food Hub Subscription Layouts

See what we have planned for our Vermont Vegetable, Omnivore Package, and Localvore Package subscriptions! Spring and Summer layouts are now available.

Summer 2017 Layouts

Vermont Vegetable

IFH Summer 2017 Vermont Vegetable Layout

Vermont Vegetable  -  Singles Size

Intervale Food Hub Vermont Vegetable Singles Size Layout Summer 2017 Local Food Subscription

Omnivore Package

Intervale Food Hub Omnivore Package Layout Summer 2017 Local Food Subscription

Localvore Package

Intervale Food Hub Localvore Package Layout Summer 2017 Local Food Subscription

Intervale Food Hub Spring 2017 Layouts

Spring Vermont Vegetable
Spring Omnivore Package
Spring Localvore Package

These layouts should be used only for planning, as our weekly deliveries are subject to change based on what is available from our producers. Each week, we will send an e-mail newsletter that outlines what foods will be delivered each week, plus recipes and cooking tips. We aim for 100% transparency so you can learn where your food came from and how it was produced. If you have any questions, please contact us - we love to talk about food!