Our Mission

The Intervale Food Hub is committed to offering the best local food available in Vermont. We primarily deliver local food to individuals and families through our year-round local food subscriptions, with delivery to homes in Burlington, and workplaces and community centers in the greater Burlington area. We also deliver wholesale to UVM Dining at the University of Vermont.

Our food comes from a community of Vermont farmers and food makers who are dedicated to using safe, sustainable practices to bring us delicious, healthy, and nutritious food. We share the methods used for producing all of our food – whether it’s certified organic, pasture raised, grass fed, EcoApple, wild caught, or beyond. You will feel great about what you eat. We have close relationships with all of our producers, and our goal is to provide 100% transparency so that you can get to know them, too. 

Our mission is to bring more Vermonters into our community food system. We provide fair pricing and reliable, stable markets for our farm and food partners. We want o make it easier for more people to cook with fresh, healthy, locally produced food at home. We educate our members about how local food is produced, and how to cook and prepare it at home.

The Intervale Food Hub is an enterprise of the Intervale Center. We are a dynamic non-profit in Burlington, VT that implements innovative, replicable, and place-based solutions to address some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems. We are transforming the food system from one that is degrading, anonymous and industrial, to one that is restorative, familiar and human-scale. We are working to foster a local food economy that is good for people and the planet.

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