How to sign up for the season:

  1. Click the button below for your season of choice.

  2. Choose your delivery location. Click Next.

  3. Click "Add" to choose your Vegetable Package, Omnivore Package, or Localvore Package. Click Next.

  4. Click "Add" to choose any subscription options. Click Next.

  5. Choose your payments - Installments or Full Payment. Enter a coupon code if you have one. Click Next.

  6. Create an Account or Login to your existing account (you can reset your password if needed). 

  7. Choose your payment source: Electronic Check, Credit Card, Check, or EBT/3Squares. Click Checkout.

  8. If paying by electronic check or credit/debit card, add your payment information online and complete your checkout. If paying by Check, please review your account for your payment information. If paying by EBT/3Squares, please call or email us to set up your payment schedule.

  9. All set! You'll receive a confirmation email for the new season from intervalefoodhub@intervale.org. Be sure to look for our weekly email newsletters from the same email address!