Our community of farmers and food makers are at the heart of everything we do. When you join the Intervale Food Hub, you support the amazing people at more than 40 Vermont farms and businesses!




Certified Organic Vegetables and Mushrooms
Brookfield, VT

1000 Stone Farm is a 4-season certified organic homestead farm that is providing our community with the food they need year-around at a cost that is realistic for the consumer, supportive of the farmers, and the farm while also being good to the land. They are located in the rocky and rolling hills of Brookfield, VT just north of its famous floating bridge on Sunset Lake.

Born and raised in Virginia, 1000 Stone Farm owner Kyle Doda moved to Vermont in 2012 to be closer to his extended family in New England and the mountains where he loves to backpack, ski, and mountain bike. Kyle chose to live in Vermont to be part of a community that believes in and supports sustainability, particularly related to food, clean water and a healthy climate that supports food production. Kyle practices organic farming so that he can take care of the land that feeds him, and so that he can do his best for the planet by putting his resources into healthy local ecosystems and high-quality food. He enjoys finding innovative ways to produce nutritious high-quality food on a small piece of land.

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Certified Organic Berries
Charlotte, VT

Adam's Berry Farm is a thriving community oriented farm that grows delicious certified organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and table grapes. For the past 11 seasons, Adam has been farming 10 acres at the Intervale. In the end of 2012, with the help of the Vermont Land Trust, Adam purchased land in East Charlotte. Spring 2013 marked the start of the farms' transition to the new land.

They are local focused and take pride that 90% of their berries are distributed with in a 15 mile radius of the farm through select restaurants, natural food stores and at the Burlington Farmers' Market. Adam's Berry Farm also produces jam, vinegar and popsicles and runs a fun-filled pick your own at the farm.

"We are local-focused and believe in the farm to belly movement."

Visit Adam's Berry Farm for Pick-Your-Own! Located 985 Bingham Brook Road, Charlotte, VT 05445, off of Spear Street. Visit their website for more information. Call ahead for picking conditions and availability: 802-578-9093.

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Traditional Corn Tortillas
Burlington, VT

All Souls Tortilleria uses the traditional process of stone-grinding nixtamal into fresh masa each production day for the best-tasting most nutritious tortillas. When cooked this way, the niacin (Vitamin B3) in the corn becomes available, essential amino acids become more balanced, and calcium, iron, copper, zinc levels increase–especially calcium.

All Souls’ tortillas use locally-grown organic heirloom corn. They source their heirloom corn (Wapsie Valley is the variety) from Aurora Farm in Charlotte, VT as well as Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan, NY. They are currently working with UVM Extension to trial new varieties of corn that show promise both in the fields of the Northeast, and in their tortillas.

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Burlington, VT
Local Honey

BTV, or "Bee Tee Vee," Honey is a 40-year-old beekeeping operation run by Dan Goossen and Bill Mares, specializing in liquid and comb honey collected from the gardens and fields of inner Chittenden County. From the verdant valley of the Winooski River to the busy streets and alleys of Burlington, BTV bees work tirelessly gathering nectar from a host of flower varieties to make this all-natural, unprocessed, delicious and additive free honey. Bill and Dan dare you to find better!

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South Barre, VT
Certified Organic Vegetables

Bear Roots is a year-round, certified-organic, vegetable farm located in South Barre, Vermont. They grow everything from earthy root vegetables to sweet fruits. It is their mission to nurture their soils to produce a highly nutritious vegetable.

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Certified Organic Vegetables & Pesto
Monkton, VT

Bella Farm is located in Monkton Vermont on 20.11 acres. There, on a beautiful south facing slope, Bella Farm cultivates four acres of vegetables, runs 1 greenhouse and 2 high tunnels. Bella’s primary crops include four varieties of basil and five varieties of garlic, which are used to produce Bella Pesto, an organic, nut-free and dairy-free pesto. Other vegetable crops grown at Bella Farm include salad mix, head lettuce, kale, collards, swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and culinary herbs. In addition to the Interval Food Hub, Bella Farm sells their vegetables and pesto at the Burlington Farmer’s Market, City Market, Wake Robin, Basin Harbor, and other area restaurants.

Rachel is constantly rewarded by the challenges and learning that farming provides and greatly appreciates the Intervale Food Hub for the valuable service it provides to area farms and consumers. “I like knowing that my vegetables and pesto get commingled with the fine products of other professional and talented growers, and the whole package finds its way into workplaces and schools around Chittenden County.”

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Pasture-Raised Eggs
Charlotte, VT

Besteyfield Farm provides the Intervale Food Hub with beautiful fresh eggs, raised just down the road. Ben's hens are raised on pasture in warmer months, and in greenhouses during colder months. Their diet is supplemented with lots of fresh food scraps, including fruit and vegetable pulp from Juice Bar VT.

Ben is part of the Intervale Center's Farms Program, or "Farm Incubator", which leases land, equipment, greenhouses, irrigation and storage facilities to small independent farms. The Farms Program removes start-up barriers that typically challenge new farmers, such as access to training, land, capital and markets. Plus, Ben can be part of the awesome Intervale community.

Wondering where the name "Besteyfield" comes from? It's a combination of Ben's and his wife's last names!

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Certified Organic Vegetables
Huntington, VT

Burnt Rock Farm is a certified organic farm situated along the Huntington River. The farm features 7 acres of vegetable production and 5 acres of cover crops. They focus a majority of their attention on winter storage crops like sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, and winter squash, but they also grow spinach in the summer. Burnt Rock primarily distributes their vegetables through wholesale markets and the Burlington Winter Farmers' Market.

"I appreciate that there exists such a strong community of growers, retailers and customers in this part of the world. It is so rewarding to be engaged in the development of the new food economy."

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Certified Organic Dairy Products
Westfield, VT

Butterworks Farm is owned by Jack and Anne Lazor and their family. The 400 acre farms produces a wide variety of products. Butterworks Farms has 45 Jersey cows, who are born and raised on the farm, without hormones or antibiotics, and eat a wholesome diet of pasture grass and farm-grown grain and hay. Their milk is used to produce yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, heavy cream, and cheese. The family has also been growing diverse grain and hay crops since 1977, even before the farm was started in 1979. They are dedicated to growing oats, corn, wheat, barley, peas, spelt, rye, flax, sunflowers, soy beans, and dry beans in rotation, to feed both people and their cows. They also grow timothy hay, alfalfa, brome, fescue, orchard grass, and clovers to provide a rich, varied diet for their cows.

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Sustainably Grown Fruit & Specialty Products
Shoreham, VT

Champlain Orchards is 100 year-old family-owned and operated farm located in Shoreham, Vermont. The apple orchard and organic farm have a beautiful view of Lake Champlain toward the Adirondack Mountains. They grow a wide variety of fruit, including raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, pears, peaches, and over 40 varieties of apples!

Champlain Orchards is a great place for Pick-Your-Own and shopping in their Farm Market, where they sell a wide range of specialty products including apple sauce, syrups, hard cider, pies, cider donuts and other local Vermont products. Their fruit and specialty products can also be found in many stores in the area.

Visit Champlain Orchards! The orchard is home to a bakery, a cider mill, the farm market, and pick-your-own, and they host special seasonal events. They're located at 3597 VT Route 74 West, Shoreham, VT.

About Champlain Orchards Growing Methods: "Eco Apple Certification is third-party verified by the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America. The IPM approach features the most eco-sensitive, minimally treated, natural methods possible. For example, instead of extensive spraying, we use wood chips from pruned branches as mulch around the trunks of our trees in order to increase plant health, which in turn helps the trees ward off illness. Damaging pests are managed through the introduction of natural predators, mating disruption, and trapping, rather than pesticides - this ultimately keeps our trees, staff, and you safe."

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Certified Organic Vegetables
The Intervale, Burlington, VT

Digger's Mirth Collective Farm is located in the Burlington's Intervale. Hillary, Hayden, Elango, Dylan, and S'ra collectively own and manage this 12 acre certified organic farm, which was founded in 1992. As a collective, each partner works to make production and marketing decisions jointly. They grow a variety of vegetables, annual herbs and root crops, specializing in high quality greens. Digger's Mirth sells their produce to Burlington businesses and restaurants, at the Burlington Farmer's Market and from their mobile veggie stand in the streets of the Old North End.

The name Digger's Mirth comes from the Digger movement, which took place in England in the mid-1600s: supporters were striving to create a connection between humans and their natural surroundings, and believed in collective land ownership and farming.

"Producing food for our community is hugely rewarding. Both the Intervale and the Burlington community are incredibly supportive."

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Certified Organic Goat Cheese
Fairfield, VT

Does’ Leap is an innovative, diversified organic farm specializing in a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses, kefir, and farm-made, artisanal sausage. At Does' Leap, they take a unique approach to self-reliance and sustainable farm work: plowing, harrowing, spreading manure, logging and haymaking is accomplished with two teams of draft horses. Their goats and livestock are raised outside except in the coldest months, and the farm's lush green mountain location provides plenty of wild forage for them to eat. Does' Leap Farm is one of the few goat dairies in the country that rely on a mixture of pasture and browse (shoots or twigs of shrubs and trees) as the primary feed source for their goats. As a result, their cheeses and meats are of exceptionally high quality and take on the flavor of Vermont’s changing seasons.

"We enjoy producing food that people love and in a way that improves our farm and enriches both our lives and our landscapes."

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Certified Organic Vegetables
Whiting, VT

Nestled into the fertile Champlain valley, Four Pillars Farm is positioned on 15 acres of some of the best soil the valley has to offer: Nellis Loam, deposited here by the glaciers during the last Ice age. This soil is a vegetable farmer’s dream. And it was this soil that prompted the beginning of the farm, nine years ago.

Four Pillars Farm grows over 40 different kinds of vegetables and herbs, and multiple varieties of many of the vegetables. The farm is certified organic on a yearly basis by the VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) which involves an annual inspection of the physical site as well as an annual audit of the paperwork, purchases, and sales. They strongly believe in growing organic for three main reasons: The assurance that the food we provide to our community is wholly nutritious and chemical-free, That they are protecting the ecosystem around us and downstream by not using chemicals and keeping nutrients on our land through carbon fixing in the soil and cover-cropping, and thirdly, they believe it is important to be an example of high productivity using organic methods.




Goat Milk Caramel
Brookfield, VT

Fat Toad Farm is a family-owned and operated goat dairy in central Vermont, run by husband and wife team Steve Reid and Judith Irving, and their daughters Calley Hastings and Hannah Reid. They started out hand milking one goat, but now have over 50 goats, some of which are descendants of the very first goat! The goats on Fat Toad Farm graze during the summer months, supplemented by high-quality locally-grown grain and hay, and enjoy foraging walks through the woods each day on the way home from grazing in the pasture.

The family first introduced goats to their homestead, where they grow and preserve vegetables, maintain orchards, and raise animals for meat, as a source of home-grown dairy. When their oldest daughter brought a recipe for Cajeta, or goat’s milk caramel, from Mexico, the family was hooked, and the rest is history!

Visit Fat Toad Farm! The Fat Toad Farm store is open daily from 10 am - 4 pm. The farm is open for guided tours from 10 am - 4 pm on weekends and holidays from February 15th to December 20th.


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Grass Fed Beef
South Hero, VT

Health Hero Farm produces 100% grass-fed beef cattle on the Champlain Islands north of Burlington. Their cattle were developed specifically for meat production from grass: British White and Angus/Devon cross. Their pastures and hayfields are certified organic, and their cattle are managed organically. They use humane, low-stress livestock handling practices (à la Temple Grandin) and are one of only seven certified Animal Welfare Approved farms in Vermont .

Most of Health Hero Farm's beef is from cattle born on the farm, nursing for 8 months and grazing with their siblings. They give their cattle the best possible care and enjoy watching them mature to animals that provide nutritious and delicious meat. They think their care and diligence influences the quality of the beef.

Their Managed Intensive Grazing practices mimic how free-roaming herds crossed the landscape hundreds of thousands of years ago – constantly moving to new grass and bunching tightly together from the pressure of predators – the same kind of environment under which grasses and ruminants co-evolved! The completely organic and optimally-beneficial conditions for both grasses and animals increase…
- total forage production and forage quality,
- carbon sequestration,
- topsoil production, and
- water retention and filtration,
… and thereby improve the health of their soils and absolutely minimizes the escape of nutrients into Lake Champlain. Managed intensive grazing also results in exceptionally well-marbled, tender, delicious and nutritious meat because their cattle consume much more fresh and nutrient-dense forage than do most other grass-fed beef cattle. Although they are not required to do so, they utilize government-certified nutrient management practices to ensure that their farm does not pollute adjoining lands, air or waters either today or in the future.

They transport their animals to a USDA-inspected, certified Animal Welfare Approved custom processor for the production of dry-aged, hard-frozen, vacuum-packed packages of our beef.

Health Hero's farm is conserved by the South Hero Land Trust and the Vermont Land Trust. They are grateful to be the stewards of this beautiful 180-acre historic “Sawyer Bay Farm”, on the island of South Hero, on the shore of Lake Champlain. They welcome visitors and enjoy sharing their love of cattle and our commitment to caring for the land.

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Certified Organic Vegetables
The Intervale, Burlington, VT

The Intervale Community Farm is a thriving, member-owned, Community Supported Agriculture farm located in Burlington's Intervale. ICF started in 1990 (just a year after the Intervale Center was founded) as an independent farm to provide affordable, high quality, organic produce for the Burlington community. Nearly the oldest and largest CSA in Vermont, ICF offers affordable summer and winter shares, featuring flexible crop selections, pick-your-own, and a unique on-farm experience to over 500 members and their families. The Intervale Community Farm is a co-op, so some of their CSA members are also partial owners.

While the Intervale Community Farm currently provide fresh food 9 months out of the year, they are working on The Fourth Season Project with the goal of expanding their farm to include greenhouses and storage, and providing year-round fresh produce.

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Broth, Refried Beans, Soup & Sauce
East Montpelier, VT

Joe's Kitchen at Screamin Ridge Farm is inspired by Joe's grandmother’s kitchen in East Randolph VT. His grandmother's kitchen was the gathering place for the family, where a pot of soup made from freshly harvested home-grown ingredients. The home cooking tradition was passed down to Joe, whose background includes French culinary training and sustainable farming. After over 20 years as a chef and restaurant manager, Joe was able to devote his full attention to maintaining his farm in East Montpelier. Sustainability is a priority with Screamin’ Ridge. They follow a biorational approach and run the farm year-round, relying on unheated passive-solar greenhouses, interior row covers, raised beds, and sunny days for winter production.

“My work augments that of other small farms, representing a viable, sustainable model that promotes business diversity, local community, and a hyper local economy. Screamin’ Ridge Farm is proud to be a part of this movement—one really tasty bowl of soup or chef-curated CSA share at a time.”

You can find Screamin’ Ridge Farm produce and soups mainly at the summer and winter Capital City Farmers Markets in Montpelier and through “Joe's CSA.” Their soups and sauces can also be found at the Farmers Market and Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier.

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Certified Organic Vegetables
Jericho, VT

Jericho Settlers Farm is a 200 acre farm producing 25 acres of certified organic vegetables, flowers and herbs for their Year Round CSA programs, farmstands and wholesale customers. They rotationally graze, hay and cover crop approximately 175 acres of land for their sheep flock, pigs and poultry. In addition, they manage over an acre of crops in their hoophouses and greenhouses year round. They specialize in year round vegetable production, specializing in salad greens and root vegetables.

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Dairy Products
East Hardwick, VT

For three generations the Michaud family has produced the highest quality of milk on their own family-run farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, an area rich in dairy tradition. Surrounded by the rolling green hills and pastures, forests of maple trees and nearby lakes and rivers, they call East Hardwick home.

Building upon the traditional Vermont dairy, the Michaud’s expanded their business to include an on-farm processing plant where they produce fresh yogurt, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, as well as bottle their own milk to serve accounts across the state and region.

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Certified Organic Vegetables
Compton, QC

The Vegetable Shelter is a family enterprise which has had great success in growing and selling food from their establishment in Compton, QC, 15 miles from Vermont's border.

The farm was born in the '80s through the hands of Jean Longpré and Manon Sévigny. In January 2009, the new owners, Annie Lévesque and Frédéric Jobin-Lawler took on the dream of this enterprise. They specialize in off-season greenhouse production of Certified Organic produce.

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Ecologically Grown Vegetables
Starksboro, VT

Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro has been owned and operated by Hank Bissell since 1981. Hank has been a leader and a pioneer in the field of Sustainable Agriculture, incorporating sustainable practices into his farming before it became a larger trend.

With the help of a crew that peaks at 14 in July and August, he produces over 50 different vegetables on 35 acres. Some of the most visible items you will see from Lewis Creek are spinach, carrots, potatoes and cauliflower.

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Certified Organic Tomatoes
East Thetford, VT

Long Wind Farm began in 1984 with Dave Chapman and a team of oxen. For three decades, they have provided New England with truly delicious and organic tomatoes. Grown in Vermont soil in glass greenhouses, their tomatoes are available as early as March and as late as December each year.

Long Wind Farm is nestled into the Upper Valley, a region that encompasses both Vermont and New Hampshire. Looking over the tops of their greenhouses, you can see the bridge linking the two states over the Connecticut River. Sitting level with the river, their farm is protected in all directions by mountainous terrain.

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Maple Wind Pig.png


Grass Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork & Chicken
Richmond, VT

Maple Wind Farm is a 150-acre farm owned by the husband and wife team of Bruce Hennessey and Beth Whiting. Bruce and Beth began their careers in farming after they fell in love with an old, inactive dairy farm with beautiful views on the road where they lived. They focus on a management-intensive grazing strategy for clearing and maintaining pastures and raising livestock. Animals are rotated throughout the farm’s pastures and primarily feed on grass, which benefits the health of the animals, as well as the health of the land and water surrounding the farm.

“The quality of life produced from a grass-based operation is excellent. We've learned that a successful operation comes primarily from knowing how to mesh your ruminants with the natural environment. Let the animals do what nature intended them to do!”


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Raw Milk Cave-Aged Cheese
Morrisville, VT

Mt. Mansfield Creamery is owned by Stan Biasini and Debora Wickart, who began operation in June of 2009. Debora milks around 30 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss cows per day, who produce award-winning milk. Stan is a former chef who is now dedicated on mastering their cheese recipes. Together, they produce raw milk cheeses in a creamery only four miles away from their farm, where cows are rotationally grazed during warmer months, and fed a grain and hay in the winter months. They make small batches of cheese 8 to 12 times per month, and also offer cheese making classes! The Mt. Mansfield Creamery is located in what was once the United Farmers Creamery building, which Stan and Debora renovated, adding a cheese cave in the basement! They take care to brush the cheese rinds so they’re flavorful and edible, using local beer from Rock Art Brewery, and wine pressings from Boyden Winery. They sell their cheese at the Morrisville farmers market year round, and at local specialty markets.

“The Intervale Food Hub was one of our first outlets for our cheese and they have been great friends ever since. They truly care about our business, about local farms and local foods.”


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Certified Organic Vegetables
Craftsbury, VT

Pete’s Greens is a certified organic, four season vegetable farm located on the edge of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in Craftsbury, VT. They believe whole-heartedly that as more Vermonters eat locally, we will all become healthier as communities and as individuals. They grow about 200 varieties of vegetables on over 300 acres of land. Their selection of organic produce includes standards as well as interesting and unique specialty vegetables with an emphasis on baby greens, heirloom tomatoes, and root crops.

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Certified Organic Vegetables
The Intervale, Burlington, VT

Pitchfork Farm is a small, organic produce farm located in Burlington's Intervale.

They focus on a handful of high value crops that they enjoy growing: primarily salad greens, tomatoes, and root crops - though there isn’t too much that you won’t find growing here. They manage to keep their costs down due to their low input methods of farming, and they pass the savings on to their chefs and buyers. As a result, Pitchfork Farm's locally grown, organic produce can be found in a large array of restaurants and grocery stores.

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Cultured Butter
Fayston, VT

Ploughgate Creamery's cultured butter is made from fresh Vermont cream sourced from the St Albans Coop. The cream is cultured for 48 hours before being churned, giving the butter a distinct tangy, nutty, and slightly cheesy flavor. The flavor from the sweet cream shines through, creating an elegant and balanced butter that is among the best we've ever tasted! The butter is made at the historic Bragg Farm, a turn of the century (that's 20th century!) farm that was put into the Vermont Land Trust with the purpose of keeping the land in agriculture. Marisa Mauro, butter maker and entrepreneur behind Ploughgate Creamery, won the right to purchase this land through a competition in which young farmers submit agricultural business plans for the land. Marisa's business plan for her butter business and creamery won out over 13 applicants, and she began producing butter there in 2014.

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Ecologically Grown Vegetables
Burlington, VT

Queen City Acres is a collection of backyards around Burlington that are repurposed into commercially-viable urban farms. They grow vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and flowers in Burlington’s Old and New North End Neighborhoods.

They believe strongly that growing food in urban environments is a crucial component in any local food economy. By leveraging underutilized spaces for production they increase the productivity of the land, grow food in close proximity to the people who consume it, and bolster the local food economy. They implement farming methods that are linked directly to increases in soil health resulting in more carbon sequestration and reductions in nutrient leaching. They are not certified organic by the USDA, but they do our absolute best to adhere to and exceed the standards put forth by the organic community. Their amendment process relies heavily high quality compost, which they source from local vendors, and they do not spray. Pest and disease issues are addressed by focusing first and foremost on soil health, crop rotation, and crop diversity.

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Red Hen.png


Certified Organic Naturally Leavened Bread
Middlesex, VT

Red Hen Baking company was founded by Randy and Liza, who have grown their company to include a cafe to accompany their bakery, supported by over 40 employees! They produce premium quality breads and pastries with traditional methods and carefully selected, high quality ingredients. They strive to minimize their impact on the environment, to support the local growers and producers of their ingredients, and to provide the finest baked goods and service to their community. Red Hen Baking Company bakes and delivers their naturally-leavened bread seven days a week! To learn more about their process and what "naturally-leavened" means, visit their website!

Visit Red Red Hen Baking Company! Their products can be found at their café in Middlesex, as well as select local restaurants and stores, the Waitsfield and Montpelier Farmers’ Markets, and select co-ops and specialty food stores.

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Red Wagon.jpg


Certified Organic Herbs
Hinesburg, VT

Red Wagon Herbs is owned and run by Julie Rubaud. Julie and her crew specialize in flowers plants to beatuify homes and gardens, as well as certified organic fresh herbs and greenhouse greens. Red Wagon plants are grown in greenhouses in both Hinesburg and Charlotte. Julie's products provide fresh, crisp, aromatic additions to our baskets all year long.

"Our plants are grown as simply as possible. We use living soils from Vermont Compost Company, water from our deep well, seeds from the best suppliers (High Mowing Seeds, Johnny's Selected Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange are our main suppliers), lots of fresh air for ventilation, and an army of beneficial insects. Conventional greenhouses strive to create a sterile, sanitized environment. Organic greenhouses such as ours, aim for a clean, balanced ecosystem where good bugs do battle with bad bugs and where disease spores are eradicated by beneficial bacteria."

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Certified Organic Berries & Vegetables
Fairfax, VT

River Berry Farm is a family-owned organic fruit and vegetable farm, located along the Lamoille River in Fairfax, Vermont. It is run by farmers David Marchant and Jane Sorensen, with their children Huck and Ada, along with their great crew. River Berry Farm grows 50 acres of organic vegetables, 3 acres of organic strawberries, 1-1/2 acres of organic raspberries, and 18,000 square feet of greenhouse herbs, vegetables, and flowers. They market their products through retail and wholesale markets, as well as their farm stand and CSA.

"We appreciate that the Intervale Food Hub allows us to sell so much of our product locally."

Visit River Berry Farm! Buy produce and flowers at the farm stand, or pick your own berries. The farm stand is open May 1st through Halloween, 8am - 6pm every day, at 191 Goose Pond Road in Fairfax. Pick-your-own is typically open at the end of June and mid-August to September.




Vermont Grown Grains and Dairy
Berlin, VT

Rogers Farmstead is run by husband and wife, Nate and Jessie Rogers, with help from their two young sons. They grow and mill a variety of grains, that are turned into flours and pancake mix. In addition, they have a small dairy herd of Jersey cows, who provide milk for fresh consumption, cheese, and yogurt.




Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese
Shelburne, VT

Shelburne Farms is a 1400-acre working farm, forest, and nonprofit educational organization. Most of the farmland is rotationally-grazed grass pastures and hay fields. These beautiful rolling hills are home to a herd of 125 purebred Brown Swiss cows- a breed selected for "hardiness, foraging ability, milk quality, longevity and temperament." The cows are milked twice a day in the Shelburne Farms Certified Humane Dairy, and they can produce 50 pounds (about 5-7 gallons) of milk per day for ten months of the year!

Cheesemakers at Shelburne farms have been making artisanal Vermont farmhouse cheddar cheese since 1980. The dairy and cheesemaking "connect people to the origins of their food, strengthens local food systems, and supports the Farm's education programs," teaching people about sustainable farming and working landscapes.

"At Shelburne Farms we believe that soil, plant, animal, environmental and human health are interconnected and that agriculture is the base of a healthy culture and civilization. Our goal is to be a diversified farm that supports a healthy local food system and creates an inspiring learning environment."

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Certified Organic Maple Syrup
Walden, VT

Square Deal Farm is remotely located in Vermont’s North East Kingdom, bordered by an eleven-thousand-acre wildlife preserve. Pure, clean soil and water from their sugarwoods lend to a delicious single-source maple syrup that's rich in "taste of place!"

Certified Organic maple syrup ensures that no chemical additives were used in maple syrup production, and that herbicides and pesticides are not used to manage the sugarwoods. They manage their forest with care for timber, wildlife and maple syrup production.

The farm's organic certification for their syrup represents their commitment to sustainable agriculture. Sugaring is part of their diversified family farm. The family also raises Pinzgauer cattle and pastured pigs, tends bees, grows apples, and harvests their own hay.

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Sustainably Sourced Wild Alaskan Fish
Burlington, VT

“Know your fisherman” is the motto of the fisherman-owned and operated business Starbird Fish. Anthony Naples spends part of the year fishing off the coast of Alaska, in the northern waters of the Bering Sea, from Bristol Bay to the Aleutian Islands. Anthony and his crew work long hours in the summer months when wild Alaskan salmon migrate up and down the coast to return to their original spawning grounds. The salmon is caught, immediately chilled, and is processed and frozen within 24 hours to maximize freshness.

Starbird Fish is sourced from one of the world’s most sustainable wild fisheries in the Aleutian Islands. “To see the results of the successful management of this precious resource is one of the most inspiring things I have ever taken part in; it’s a truly amazing experience, year after year, and I’m stoked to be bringing it home to share with you in the form of delicious and nutritious wild salmon!"

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Certified Organic Fruit & Specialty Products
Jeffersonville, VT

The Farm Between is nestled in the Northern Green Mountains along the Lamoille River in Jeffersonville. John and Nancy are a husband-and-wife team who grow food not only as a business, but as a lifestyle. They work closely with the land and use ecological practices, because they find satisfaction of the physical work and are careful stewards of their land. The Farm Between grows cold hardy organic fruits, including apples, black currants, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, aronia, gooseberries, honeyberries, seaberries, and saskatoons. They also raise honeybees, and grow native pollinator plants to support healthy bee populations.

The Farm Between Syrups can be found at the Burlington Farmer's Market, where they serve them on snow cones as the perfect summer treat. John and Nancy also sell cold-hardy fruit and walnut trees, berry bushes, and native pollinator plants so that they can share the experience of fruit-growing with their neighbors and customers, and to improve bee health and habitats in the community. They're happy to share their organic growing expertise with anyone who needs advice!

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Certified Organic Bean Products
Hinesburg, VT

Trillium Hill Farm is a small, diverse farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. They grow vegetables, raise beef cattle, and operate a farm stand. They pride themselves on tending to a small piece of land and strive to better it in the process.

Trillium Hill Farm, LLC is owned and operated by James and Sara Donegan. The land has been in James' family since 1801. While James didn't technically grow up on the farm, he spent many hours as a child on the farm exploring its woods, running on its trails, sledding on its hills, and helping his family sugar in the spring. The land is currently owned by his mother and six uncles, but has been passed down through the family for at least six generations. At first, James got permission from them to start a market garden on the land. In that first year James had one CSA member and sold vegetables at the Hinesburg Farmers' Market under the name 'Trillium Hill Vegetables.'

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Certified Organic Bean Products
Moretown, VT

Vermont Bean Crafters is a group of friends committed to bringing local and organic fare to their community. All of their products are at least 90% locally grown and organic by weight, and the only distantly-sourced ingredients they use are salt and spices. You can even see their Farm Sources page for a list of their ingredients and where they're grown. Vermont Bean crafter's burgers and other items are all Gluten-Free, Plant-based and Vegan, GMO-free, and made in the Mad River Food Hub's Nut-Free facility. They provide a seasonally-fluctuating menu of bean and vegetable burger varieties, as well as a myriad of week-to-week market-fresh concoctions available exclusively at farmer's markets, and special events.

“We strive to provide delicious and healthy offerings that are preservative-free and filled with nutrients. We accomplish this all while sourcing directly from organic farmers within a 256 mile radius.”

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Cranberries & Cranberry Products
Fletcher, VT

Vermont Cranberry Company has been growing cranberries in Fletcher, Vermont since 1996. The farm grows about three acres of cranberries in constructed bogs. Vermont Cranberry Company sells fresh cranberries from October till January, frozen cranberries year round, pure cranberry juice year round, and dried cranberries year round. Their cranberries are grown using sustainable and ecological methods.

"We are lucky to live in a state like Vermont where people support locally grown agriculture."

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