Intervale Food Hub Packages

See what we have planned for our Vermont Vegetable Packages, Omnivore Package, and Localvore Package subscriptions!

Please Note: There will be changes to these plans during the season due to weather, pests, and other factors during Vermont's growing season. 

These guides will give you an idea of the varieties of food that we offer. Please refer to your weekly newsletter for an accurate list of what we'll deliver to you! Your monthly seasonal food update will give more information, and your weekly e-mail newsletter will tell you exactly which ingredients will be delivered each week, and who produced each item.

Fall/Winter 2018


Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Layouts June July.png
Summer 2018 Layouts August September.png
Summer 2018 Layouts.png

College Fall 2018

The College Fall Season begins the week of September 10, 2018. All College Fall subscription options are the same as our Summer subscription options. Please refer to the September and October layouts above to see what ingredients will be featured in the overlapping weeks. College Fall deliveries in November/December will overlap with 4 weeks of our Fall/Winter Season, so please stay tuned for more details, coming out over the summer.

The "Single/Starter" Vermont Vegetable Package is a great option for students who are trying a CSA or local food subscription for the first time and want to learn how to cook. The "Value" Vermont Vegetable Package is a great option for a group of roommates who are looking for a good value and enough food to share each week.