Policies & FAQ

General FAQ and Policies

What if you're going to miss a delivery?

When you know in advance that you're going to be away and will miss a delivery, send and email or call us to let us know about your schedule change in advance, and choose one of these options:

  • You can schedule a time to pick up earlier or later in the week
  • You can double up your delivery the following week
  • You can get a credit! We'll credit/refund you 75% of the week's delivery value if you skip the delivery, or, we'll give you 100% store credit for the week's delivery value. Store credit can be used to purchase food or to use toward your next season's local food subscription. (This policy is to cover the administrative and operational services for processing changes.)

As always, please request schedule changes at least 2 days in advance. We're happy to make schedule changes weeks in advance, as soon as you know your schedule!

We work hard to ensure that our food is stored, packed, and delivered to ensure the highest quality. To maintain that quality, we suggest picking up your food within the time window listed. However, some community delivery locations are open late into the evening, which gives you more flexibility and time to pick up. We guarantee our food for 3 hours after we deliver. However, if you have any quality issues, due to pick up times or any other circumstances, please contact us. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your food!

How many people will this feed?

  • Our analysis shows that our local food subscriptions offer about $1 per serving of produce. The Vermont Vegetable is designed to provide an average of 30 servings of vegetables per week, and the Single Size Vermont Vegetable is designed to provide an average of 25 servings of vegetables per week. (This may vary slightly depending on what’s in season.)
  • The Regular Size is great for couples who cook often, or small families.
  • The Single Size is great for individuals who cook often or couples who cook a little. 
  • The USDA recommends 3 vegetable servings daily for one person, or 21 vegetable servings weekly - more for active individuals.
  • Remember, we’ll provide a weekly newsletter with cooking tips and recipes to support you as you try new foods!

What are my payment options?

  • We accept credit/debit cards, electronic checks, regular checks, EBT/3Squares, and cash
  • Payment Plans: You can choose to pay in full or set up monthly installments when you order online.
  • We accept EBT/3Squares payments at the Intervale Center office. These payments are also made in installments.
  • Contact us for questions about payment in cash, or to set up alternative payment schedules.

How do installments work?

  • If you choose to pay in installments, your payments will be automatically scheduled in your account for the 1st of the month. You will securely link a credit/debit card or a checking account, which will be charged automatically according to your installment schedule. 
  • Login to your account here to view your payment schedule, or to make updates your payment source.
  • If you’d like to adjust your installment schedule, please let us know.  Please note: Late or rejected payments will not cancel your order! If payment is excessively late, the Intervale Food Hub reserves the right to hold your food at the Intervale Food Hub until payment is received.

Can I order week by week?

  • When you sign up for the Intervale Food Hub, you join for the full season. Your commitment helps to support our community of farmers and food makers. We are here to support you throughout the season with recipes and cooking tips, and we encourage you to try new foods, new cooking techniques, and new recipes.

Can I change my order or my delivery location or my subscription?

  • Yes. Please contact us to make changes to your account.
  • As of January 2018, in the event of canceling a subscription or making a change that results in a refund, we will offer a 75% refund, or 100% store credit for the week's delivery value. Store credit can be used to purchase food or to use toward your next season's local food subscription. (This policy is to cover the administrative and operational services for processing changes.) 

Can I cancel my subscription?

  • We hope that you would try to adjust your subscription before canceling, and honor the commitment that you made to our farmers and food makers.
  • As of January 2018, in the event of canceling your subscription, we will offer a 75% refund for the remainder of the season, or 100% store credit. Store credit can be used to purchase food or to use toward your next season's local food subscription. (This policy is to cover the administrative and operational services for processing changes.)

Workplace and Community Delivery Policies

Weekly Delivery Routine

  • Your food will be delivered to your chosen delivery location, in a basket with your name on it, at the same day and time each week. 
  • Please bring your own bag and leave your basket at your delivery location.
  • If you receive a thermal bag and/or ice packs, it’s OK to take them home - simply return them with your next pick up. 

What if I forget to pick up a delivery?

  • We understand that sometimes life does not go according to plan! So, we do offer a once-per-season replacement basket when you miss a pick up.

  • Replacements are packed with on what we have available in our inventory, so specialty items might not be available for replacement. This food can be picked up at the Intervale Food Hub, or added to your next delivery. Contact us to schedule your replacement

  • We do not return to our delivery locations to pick up food after the pick-up window end, and we do not offer credit for missed pick-ups. After the pick-up window, for food safety and site management purposes, food is donated at the discretion of our site champions so that it does not go to waste. 

We love to hear your feedback!

  • Most importantly, if you are not 100% happy with your order, or if we forgot something, please feel free to call or email us to let us know. As the Intervale Food Hub grows, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible, but sometimes we make mistakes. We're always happy to make a replacement or credit your account when needed. 







        Home Delivery Policies


        Getting Set Up for Home Delivery

        • Your Home Delivery order will include a $25 sign-up deposit. Returning members will receive a discount code to cover the cost of this deposit. The deposit is waived for members paying with EBT. We don't want this fee to be a barrier for anyone - please contact us with questions.
        • We provide you with reusable packaging, including a sturdy plastic bin, reusable cooler bags, and ice packs, to keep your food fresh & secure. Your bin will be delivered the first week of your subscription -- please store your bin in the same easily accessible location each week on your delivery day. Ideally, the bin will be located on the ground floor, visible to the driver, and located in a semi-sheltered location to protect the tote.
        • Please let us know if there are any special directions to access you home, or if you live behind a locked entry door, or up stairwells or elevators, such as an apartment building or a multi-family home.

        Weekly Delivery Routine

        • Your weekly delivery will take place between 4 - 7 pm on your delivery day. There will be some fluctuations in the schedule, but you can count on a consistent delivery window each week.

        • Your food will be delivered weekly in silver cooler bags, which we place inside the green bin.

        • You do not need to be home to receive your delivery, but we assume that you will be able to collect your food and store it inside your residence ASAP. We guarantee your food for 3 hours after delivery. We do not recommend leaving your food for longer than 3 hours, or out overnight (especially in extreme hot or cold temperatures).

        • Please leave empty insulated bags and ice packs in your bin for our delivery driver to pick up the following week. Reusing these helps to minimize waste and keep costs down!
        • Although very uncommon, our delivery driver reserves the right to not deliver if your tote is not in its normal place, or if it is not accessible due to snow or ice build up, debris, dirt, damages, etc. If this does happen, we will bring your food back to the Intervale Food Hub, and we will contact you to schedule an alternate pick up to make sure you receive your full subscription value.

        About Our Reusable Packaging

        • At the end of the season if you do not continue your membership, or in the event of cancellation, we will pick up your bin, cooler bags, and ice packs.
        • If your plastic bin is lost or damaged at any time during your membership, you will be billed an additional $25 for a replacement bin.
        • In the event that a significant amount of your silver insulated bags or ice packs are damaged or missing, we will notify you, and we may charge you for their replacement. Bag prices varies based on their size, from $2 to $5 per bag, and ice packs are $2 to replace.