Pop-Up Shop

Intervale Food Hub members can add on eggs, cheese, meat, and other delicious speciality items to your weekly delivery.


What's in the Pop Up Shop?

For years, Intervale Food Hub members have been asking for the option to order local food items outside of the subscription... so, we've launched a pilot for an online Pop-Up shop!

With our new online Pop-Up Shop, as a member, you can add eggs, cheese, meat, bean burgers, tortillas, and other delicious specialty items to your weekly delivery. Our online Pop-Up Shop features a range of essential items that we always have in stock, and will feature special limited-edition items as well.

Simply shop online following the steps under "How to Order" below - or contact us

For Information about Thanksgiving Turkeys, please click here.

Currently Available:

  • New! Chicken Broth, Beef Broth, and Vegetable Broth from Joe’s Kitchen!

  • New! Soups from Joe’s Kitchen! Choose from 5 different flavors, crafted from local ingredients.

  • Bean Burgers from Vermont Bean Crafters (organic, vegan, gluten-free, and delicious!)

  • Grass Fed Beef from Health Hero Farm and Maple Wind Farm

  • Caramel from Fat Toad Farm

  • Cheddar Cheese from Shelburne Farms

  • Pasture Raised Chicken from Maple Wind Farm

  • Cultured Butter from Ploughgate Creamery

  • Pasture Raised Eggs from Besteyfield Farm

  • Pasture Raised Pork from Maple Wind Farm

  • Tortillas from All Souls Tortilleria, made with organic corn using traditional methods

  • and more!

Be sure to check back often — the items in our shop are subject to change!

During the pilot phase of our Pop-Up Shop in the fall, we will have a more limited supply of items in our College Pop-Up Shop.

What else would you like to see in the shop? Please share your feedback and suggestions with our team!


How To Order

1. SHOP - Click the Pop-Up Shop button for your season (above)

2. LOG IN - Click the white "Log In" button (top right of the page) to log in to your Intervale Food Hub account. (It's easy to reset your password if you forgot it!)

3. ADD ITEMS - Click the green "Add" button on the items you want to order. Click the green "+" button if you want more than one. 

4. CHECK OUT - When you're ready to check out, click the white "Cart" button (top-right of the page), then click the green "Checkout" button. This will take you to the payment page:

  If you already have a payment source on file for installments, just press the green "Place Order" button and you're all set. 

  If you do NOT have a payment source on file, our system will ask you to link one. That way, you will not need to re-enter payment information the next time you order from the Pop-Up Shop! (details below)
1) Choose to add a credit card or checking account, and click the "Place Order" button
     2) Fill out your payment information and click "Pay Now"
Please note: the payment source that you link for the Pop-Up Shop will ONLY be charged if/when you place an order in the Pop-Up Shop. It will NOT be charged for installments if you have them set up. The payment source that you add will un-link at the END of the season.
* If you absolutely do not want to add a card or checking account, please call us to make a one-time payment over the phone!

5. CONFIRMED! You'll receive an email confirmation with your order. We'll pack it up and send it out with your next delivery! 



Shop Hours

In general, the best time to order will be on Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday. The perfect time would be after you read the PREVIEW email & ingredient list!

The online shop will be closed between [3pm the day before your delivery] and [the end of your delivery day].

So, for example:

  • if you get your delivery on Tuesday, you must order before 3pm on Monday. The shop will be closed after 3pm on Monday and closed Tuesday. The shop will reopen Wednesday, and then you can order for next week's delivery.

  • if you get your delivery on Wednesday, you must order by 3pm on Tuesday. The shop will be closed after 3pm on Tuesday and closed Wednesday. The shop will reopen Thursday, and then you can order for next week's delivery.

  • if you get your delivery on Thursday, you must order by 3pm on Wednesday. The shop will be closed after 3pm on Wednesday and closed Thursday. The shop will reopen Friday, and then you can order for next week's delivery.

Our system cuts off online ordering to give our team time to organize and pack your order. 

One exception: You can order in person from staff if you are picking up at the Intervale Food Hub!


About Our Pricing

The Intervale Food Hub works hard to balance fair pricing for farmers and food producers, with fair pricing and a great experience for members, while covering our costs and supporting the Intervale Center. The prices in this initial Summer 2018 pilot version of our Pop-Up Shop reflect a small additional charge over the price of items in subscriptions. Our Pop-Up Shop prices help us cover the cost of the extra time and packaging required to pack up special Pop-Up Shop orders. We welcome your feedback to help us grow and improve our services - please feel free to contact us!