How to Peel Celery Root

Published by Emily Han in on February 2010

We're always interested in learning How To Peel Things, and when Kitchn reader Niamh recently asked about celery root, we were inspired to try a few different techniques. Knobby and often hairy, celery root (also known as celeriac) may seem daunting to peel but it's actually quite simple. Here's the best technique we found:

Celery root's skin is too tough and bumpy to peel with a vegetable peeler. We had the best results using a sharp chef's knife, although if the root is small, a paring knife will work. The only other thing you need is a cutting board.

  • Place the celery root on its side and cut off the top and bottom. (If the root came with greens attached, you can save them for stock.)
  • Stand the root upright. It should be stable.
  • Cut the remaining peel off in vertical strips from top to bottom, following the shape of the root.
  • Continue cutting until you have removed all of the skin.
  • You may now rinse the celery root and chop it into cubes, matchsticks, or whatever your recipe calls for. The exposed flesh will turn brown quickly, so if you wish to retain the white color, rub it with a cut lemon or have a bowl of water mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice to submerge the pieces in as you cut them.