Meet our Ops Team!
Our Food Hub stays humming with our staff of five, including these two very important members of the Operations crew!
Meet 2/5 of our team: the Ops Crew!

Taylor has been our organization queen from the moment she stepped foot in the barn 1.5 years ago as our Operations Coordinator. Taylor has a knack for maneuvering tons of food in our cooler when you swear there isn’t enough space, is a huge fan of Pho Hong (will accept panang curry in lieu of tips), and has boundless energy despite recently giving up coffee (how DOES she do it). Her favorite food hub food is Orb Weaver's frolic, potentially tied with Lake Champlain Chocolate's golden spice chocolate bar. Her sworn enemy is the stapler collection (because of their tendency to break).

Kristen has been with us for almost a year (time flies when you’re having fun/in a pandemic) and has been a shining star as our Ops Assistant. Kristen blesses us with her easy laugh and tenacity. She LOVES Shy Guy Gelato (and will also accept tips in the form of pints) and can always be found with her water bottle (because hydration). Her favorite food hub food is Pitchfork's bread + butter pickles, tied with Miss Weinerz buckwheat brownies. Her sworn enemy is the spray bottle (also because it has a tendency to break).

If you see Kristen and Taylor around town, give em a BIG ol’ wave. They’ve collectively packed and delivered over 8,000 orders this season and we are VERY proud and VERY grateful to work with them! Want to have them deliver to your house?! Sign up for our summer season today!