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Intervale Food Hub Summer

Sign Up for Summer and enjoy Vermont's harvest with weekly deliveries through the month of October.

Greenhouse Tomatoes at Intervale Community Farm

Good Food from Vermont Farmers & Food Makers

Our food is good for you, good for Vermont, and good for the Earth.

Our Vermont Vegetable subscription includes certified organic and sustainably grown vegetables, herbs, and berries. 

Our Omnivore Package and Localvore Package pair Vermont Vegetables with weekly deliveries of Vermont pork, beef, and chicken, wild Alaskan fish, and many other local specialties, including maple syrup, goat cheese, kimchi, pesto, yogurt, butter, honey, jam, and more.

We also offer subscriptions for organic bread and tortillas & beans, grass fed beef and cheese, pasture raised pork, chicken, and eggs, and sustainably caught & wild Alaskan salmon and fish.

Adams Berry Farm Organic Blueberries

When you join the Intervale Food Hub, you will be supporting a large community of Vermont farmers and food makers. We partner with more than 30 Vermont farms and businesses, which means we can offer a wide variety of local ingredients. 

You'll love getting to know the amazing people behind your food! Eat well and feel great knowing that your food comes from Vermonters who use ethical, safe, and sustainable practices. Meet Our Producers.



Recipes and Meal Plans Make Meals Easy

Every week, we send an email newsletter. This handy guide will tell you what ingredients will be in your basket, the featured farmers and food makers, and a recipe collection and cooking tips. We will also create weekly meal plans, which will show you a few simple dishes that use up all of your local ingredients that week.

See Newsletters and Meal Plans on our Blog, and check out our recipe collection on our Recipes page!

The Intervale Food Hub

How It Works

To sign up for our Summer season, place your order online. Choose a convenient pick up location... customize your subscription options... choose your payment plan... and check out!

Every week through October, we'll pack and deliver your basket of fresh, delicious food.

Our Summer deliveries have already begun, but we'd love to have you join us! Orders will be automatically prorated when you sign up, so that you will only be charged for the deliveries you will receive.

Please contact Kendall with any questions.