Who We Are

The Intervale Food Hub makes it easy to eat local through home delivery of local produce, proteins, and provisions in the greater Burlington, Vermont area. We are part of the Intervale Center, a dynamic non-profit that implements innovative, replicable, and place-based solutions to address some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems. With your help, we can transform the food system from one that is degrading, anonymous and industrial, to one that is restorative, familiar and human-scale. We are working to foster a local food economy that is good for people and the planet - come join us!


What We Do

Our mission is to bring more Vermonters into our community food system through our weekly, year-round deliveries of local food to homes in the greater Burlington area, as well as community/workplace pick-up sites. With the support of our members, we are able to provide fair pricing and reliable, stable markets for our farm and food partners, making Vermont's agriculture stronger and more resilient.


Welcome! We are Kristen, Tyler, Reid, Georgi, and Taylor, five folks who make up the Food Hub team with support from the Intervale Center. We're a small part of a much larger team of farmers and food makers, who are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to working with small-and-medium-size Vermont farms and food business who craft food for us with organic, sustainable, and ethical practices. As an Intervale Food Hub member, you can feel great knowing that what you eat is good for you, good for Vermont, and good for the planet.


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